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Stored-value cards

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    • E-cash
    • Electronic cash cards
    • Electronic money cards
    • Electronic purses
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  • Sources

    • found: A comparative study of electronic purses, 1996:p. 2 ("A Smart card news special report")
    • found: Harrop, P. Prepayment cards : the electronic purse becomes big business, 1991.
    • found: Brown, D. Electronic cash : opportunities for banks and suppliers, 1996:p. 1 ("Electronic cash (e-cash) is a store of monetary value which is available for immediate exchange in transactions, held in digital form")
    • found: Nakayama, Y. An electronic money scheme, 1997:p. 1 ("... electronic money, which employs electronic data embodying monetary value exchangeable through open networks ...")
    • found: Ox. dict. new words:Electronic ("In the mid nineties, various schemes have been proposed for carrying money in electronic form in smart cards; this system has been variously named electronic cash, electronic money and the electronic purse") Smart ("A smart card is a plastic bank card or similar device with an embedded microprocessor, holding personal data or financial information")
    • found: Internet, URL: http//, Aug. 10, 1998(Payments, clearance, and settlement: a guide to the systems, risks, and issues (Chapter report, June 17, 1997, GAO?GGD-97-73). Stored-value cards: a credit-card-sized device in which money value is stored digitally. Athough stored-value cards resemble credit or debit cards, transactions made with stored-value cards resemble transactions made with currency or coin. Stored-value cards are intended for repetitive, low-value transactions too small for economical use of a credit or debit card such as payments for mass transit or fast food. Two types of multipurpose stored-value cards exist: disposable stored-value cards, which are loaded with a fixed-dollar value and are discarded once all the stored cash is spent, and reloadable cards--such as the Mondex card--which can be replenished by inserting the card in a specially equipped ATM, or an electronic wallet, i.e., a device that looks like a calculator and is designed to transfer value from one card to another)
    • found: Internet, URL: http//, Aug. 10, 1998(Federal Reserve Board of Governors, April 2, 1997 Report to Congress on the application of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act to electronic stored-value products)
    • found: Internet, URL:, Aug. 10, 1998(Statement of Thomas P. Vartanian before the FDIC concerning stored-value cards and electronic payment systems, Sept. 12, 1996)
    • found: Internet, URL:, Aug. 10, 1998(Purse wars: what does the front line look like, by Dave Birch. Electronic purse: a smartcard holding some form of electronic cash)
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    • 1998-08-17: new
    • 1999-05-10: revised
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