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Quenya (Artificial language)

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  • Variants

    • Ancient Tongue (Artificial language)
    • Avollonian (Artificial language)
    • Elf-latin (Artificial language)
    • Elven-latin (Artificial language)
    • Eressëan (Artificial language)
    • High-elven (Artificial language)
    • High-elvish (Artificial language)
    • High Speech of the Noldor (Artificial language)
    • Qendya (Artificial language)
    • Qenya (Artificial language)
    • Quendya (Artificial language)
    • Noldorin (Artificial language)
    • Vanyarin (Artificial language)
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  • Sources

    • found: Martsch, N. Basic Quenya, 1992:p. 1 (Quenya, one of the languages found in the Lord of the Rings and other books by Tolkien)
    • found: Bradfield, J.C. A dict. of Quenya, 1983.
    • found: Day, D. Tolkien : the illustrated encyc., 1991:p. 175 (So it was that the Elves came to name themselves the Quendi, which means the "speakers", after their greatest art, and they named their language Quenya, which means simply the "speech")
    • found: Quenya-English Dict. homepage, May 24, 1999.
    • found: Ardalambion, May 26, 1999:homepage ("homepage of the tongues of Arda" mentions Quenya-The Ancient Tongue; gives links to analysis of Quenya texts, lexicon, affixes, poetry, and article on Klingon and Quenya as artificial languages)
    • found: Artificial languages, May 26, 1999(article by Robert Isenberg says Tolkien first created Qenya, then Quenya, with the originator, Tolkien dead, Quenya has limited source texts for further development, limited vocab.; current enthusiasts use it more for poetic expression than practical medium of communication; survey of messages on Elfing email list shows low percentage of messages discussing history, etymology, or grammar of Quenya, and few employing Elvish forms of address or conversing in Quenya)
    • found: Quenya-The Ancient Tongue, May 27, 1999:homepage (discusses history and structure of Quenya; variants: Avollonian, Elf-latin, Elven-latin, Eressëan, High-elven, High-elvish, High Speech of the Noldor, Qenya, Qendya, Quendya; 2 dialects: Vanyarin, Noldorin)
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    • 1999-06-08: new
    • 1999-07-08: revised
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