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    • Lariam (Trademark)
    • Mephaquin (Trademark)
    • Mephaquine (Trademark)
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  • Sources

    • found: Pre-deployment, in theatre and post deployment, mefloquine : in the matter of an inquiry ... in respect of the Canadian Forces deployment to Somalia and a report thereom, 1997.
    • found: Mefloquine, [email protected] Library WWW site, March 19, 1999(Meloquine, also known by brand & generic name: lariam; drug class: antiprotozoal, antimalarial)
    • found: Drug regimens for stand-by emergency treatment WWW site, March 19, 1999(Extracted from: "International Travel and Health", World Health Organisation year book, 1998) pp. 83-84 (Mefloquine (common trade names: Lariam, Mephaquin))
    • found: Health Canada. Health Protection Branch. Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, 1997: Malaria Guidelines WWW site, March 19, 1999("This document includes the latest up-to-date information from international sources on all aspects of malaria, including the use of Mefloquine as a safe, effective prophylactic agent.")
    • found: Mefloquine, HealthAnswers WWW site, Mar. 19, 1999(Generic name: mefloquine; Common brand name: Lariam; "Mefloquine is an antimalarial (treats malaria) agent that either directly kills the malaria parasites or prevents their growth.")
    • found: MESH(Mefloquine)
    • found: USP dict., 1998(Mefloquine)
    • found: Merck Index, 1996(Mefloquine HCl)
    • found: Lariam (mefloquine) Info Page WWW site, March 19, 1999(anti-malarial drug mefloquine; trade names: lariam; mephaquine)
    • found: Mefloquine: Pharmacology WWW site, March 19, 1999("mefloquine, a quinolinemethanol")
    • found: Répertoire de vedettes-matière WWW site, March 22, 1999(Méfloquine (French language subj. hdg.), UF Lariam; BT Antipaludiques (equivalent of Antimalarials); BT Quinoléine)
    • notfound: Hypertext Webster Gateway WWW site, March 22, 1999;Web. 3
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    • 1999-06-21: new
    • 1999-07-13: revised
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