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Kettle holes

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    • Kettleholes
    • Kettles (Landforms)
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    • found: Work cat.: 99195782: Ka┼║mierczak, E. The vegetation of kettle-holes in central Poland, 1997.
    • found: Web. 3(kettle: 3b: steep-sided hollow without surface drainage, esp. in a deposit of glacial drift)
    • found: Random House(kettle hole: a deep, kettle-shaped depression in glacial drift)
    • found: Concise Oxford dict. of earth sci., 1990(kettle hole (kettle): depression in the surface of glacial drift resulting from the melting of an included ice mass; it may be filled with water to form a small lake)
    • found: Gloss. geol.(kettle hole: kettle)
    • found: Stregeler, S.E. Dict. of earth sci., 1976(kettle hole: a depression in the ground surface in a glaciated area)
    • found: Encyc. dict. of phys. geo., 1988(kettle; kettle hole: an enclosed depression resulting from the melting of buried ice)
    • found: GeoRef(kettles)
    • found: Small, J. A modern dict. of geo., c1989(kettle (sometimes kettle hole): a circular depression, initially filled by meltwater, resulting from the gradual decay of a block of ice buried by overlying sediments)
    • found: Fairbridge, R.W. Encyc. of geomorphology, c1968(kettle: a term applied to a geomorphoc feature, a depression or hollow of small dimensions often as "kettle hole")
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    • notfound: McGraw-Hill encyc. of the geol. sci., c1988;Challinor dict. geol.
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    • 1999-12-06: revised
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