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us: Fishes--Effect of human beings on

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    • us: Anthropogenic effects on fishes
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    • found: Work cat.: Watson, J.W. Ecology of bald eagles in western Washington with an emphasis on the effects of human activity, 1998: p. iii (human-eagle relationships; incubation rates were affected by temporal human activities; non-audible pedestrian activity (e.g., walkers) were the most common human activity ... and caused the highest eagle disturbance responses) p. 1 (effects of human activities on eagle behavior; disturbance effects) p. 33 (Bald eagles can be affected by human activities that permanently alter their habitat, and those that temporarily disrupt their environment ... Temporary disturbances from recreational boating, aircraft, and pedestrian activities have been studied for possible effects on bald eagle nesting and foraging behavior. Recommendations to reduce disturbances of nesting bald eagles have included establishing buffer zones, and imposing temporal activity restrictions near nests and foraging areas.)
    • found: LC database, Dec. 10, 1999 (anthropogenic disturbance; aircraft disturbance; disturbance to birds by ... human activity; human disturbances of waterfowl)
    • found: OCLC, Dec. 10, 1999 (effects of human disturbances on elk; effects of human-induced disturbance during calving season; disturbance of diving ducks by human activity; effects of human disturbance on caribou; effects of ... human intrusion disturbance; disturbance of waterbirds; responses of wildlife to disturbance; human disturbance at Arctic seabird colonies; disturbance to waterfowl; effects of human and helicopter activity on bird species; effects of human and dog disturbance on ... fallow does; impact of human activity on bald eagles; effect of human activity on great gray owl; effects of human activities on bull trout; effects of anthropogenic disturbances on benthic faunal communities; anthropogenic effects on winter habitat use by ferruginous hawks; effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbance on small mammals)
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    • Example under [Human-animal relationships; Nature--Effect of human beings on]
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    • 2000-11-08: new
    • 2007-08-21: revised
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