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The birds of America from original drawings
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Lccn: 06018534
Physical details: CCCCXXXV col. pl.
Engraved t.-p.
Imprint dates: v. 1, 1827-30; v. 2, 1831-34; v. 3, 1834-35; v. 4, 1835-38, June 20.
Plate LXIV drawn from nature by Lucy Audubon.
Plates I-II, VI-VII engraved by W.H. Lizars, retouched by R. Havell, junr.; pl VIII-IX engraved by W.H. Lizars; pl. III-V, CI-CV, CVIII, CX engraved, printed and coloured by R. Havell, junr.; pl. X-C, CVI-CVII, CIX, CXII-CCCCXXXV engraved, printed and coloured by R. Havell.
Plates II, VII dated 1829; pl. CVI-CX, CXII-CVX dated 1831; pl. CXXXI-CXL, CXLIII-CLV dated 1832; pl. CLVI-CLXXVII, CLXXIX-CLXXXII, CLXXXIV-CLXXXV dated 1833; pl. CLXXXVI-CXCVII, CXCIX, CCII-CCXXXV dated 1834; pl. CCXXXVI-CCLXXXV, CCLXXXVII, CCLXXXIX-CCXC dated 1835; pl. CCLXXXVI, CCLXXXVIII, CCXCI-CCCL dated 1836; pl. CCCLI-CCCC dated 1837; pl. CCCCI-CCCCXXXV dated 1838.
Plate CCLX marked "CCXL".
Originally issued in 87 parts.
"The plates were published without any text, to avoid the necessity of furnishing copies gratis to the public libraries in England, agreeably to the law of copyright."--Sabin, A dictionary of books relating to America, v. 1, p. 315.
Text to accompany the plates was published in 5 vols., rl. 8vo., Edinburgh, 1831-39, under title "Ornithological biography, or, An account of the habits of the birds of the United States of America ..." Later editions, of text and plates combined, with alterations, were published in 7 and 8 vols., rl. 8vo., under title "The birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories".
Consult negatives file ; stamped note on shelflist cards
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100 cm
4 v.
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London, Pub. by the author, 1827-38.
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Publication: England 1827/1838
Publication: London Pub. by the author 1827-38
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by John James Audubon
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The birds of America