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[Labor pamphlets] [Labor pamphlets].
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Table Of Contents
[1] Training for union service / Educational Department, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union
[2] The I.L.O. and seafarers. 1946
[3] Longshoremen : Pacific and Atlantic. 1940
[4] The modern line of attack on women's civil rights
[5] The eight hour day in the United States / by John B. Andrews
[6] Zur Lösung der Arbeitslosenfrage / von Otto Graf. 1930
[7] Tatsachen : ein Wort zum Nachdenken für den deutschen Arbeiter
[8] The Black Legion rides / by George Morris. 1936
[9] Wirtschaftskrise und Arbeitlosigkeit / von Fritz Naphtali. 1930
[10] Labor's ambitious demands. 1919
[11] Persecution of European labor : American labor helps to relieve and liberate the labor victims of Europe's dictatorships
[12] We took our fight to the people. 1947
[13] Harry Bridges / by Dalton Trumbo. 1941
[14] The reforms which should precede and the results which must follow the equal distribution of wealth / by David E. Cronin. 1872
[15] Enseignement et sort des ouvriers et de l'industrie / par M. Charles Dupin. 1848
[16] Die Wissenschaft und die Arbeiter / von Ferdinand Lassalle. 1872
[17] The power of labor / by Val Longano. c1944
[18] An account of the first year's work / Labor Bureau, Inc. 1921
[19] The underpaid American wage earners / by L.E. Keller
[20] A constructive examination of the Black (S. 2475)-Connery (H.R. 7200) bill, in its original form and as revised by the Senate Committee on Education and Labor / by Charles Wesley Dunn
[21] Empor zur Vernunft / von Sirius. 1936
[22] Daniel De Leon, emancipator / by Arnold Petersen. 1946
[23] The truth about the labor question
[24] A calm statement showing the causes which compelled the Knox Hat Manufacturing Company to sever its connection with trade union labor which act marks the first serious labor trouble in the history of the Knox establishment / by Robert J. MacFarland. c1904
[25] Labor legislation brief submitted to the Education and Labor Committee of the United States House of Representatives / Labor Legislation Committee, Printing Industry of America, Inc.
[26] Larkin's scathing indictment of Dublin sweaters / Jim Larkin
[27] Our union at work : a survey of the activities of Dressmakers' Union Local 22, I.L.G.W.U. 1937 [28] International Labor Office, Geneva. 1926
[29] The labor agitators or the battle for bread / Workingmen's Party of California
[30] The ship murder : the story of a frameup
[31] Out to win : picture stories of boys and girls who work. c1917
[32] A constructive program for securing the full benefit of existing child labor laws in Massachusetts. 1916
[33] Prospectus of the American Workers' Alliance for the advancement of educational industrial co-operative and social reform
[34] Konstitution, 1914 / Internationalverband der Vereinigten Brauereiarbeiter von Amerika
[35] Introducing your union : knowledge is power / International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Educational Department. 1934
[36] The International Working Men's Association : its purpose, its aim, its principles. 1933
[37] Suggestions for social, educational and recreational program for our local unions / International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, Educational Department. 1934
[38] The I.L.O. illustrated / World Peace Foundation
[39] Dr. Viktor Adler und die österr. Arbeiterbewegung / von Karl F. Kocmata. 1912
[40] For your children, too
[41] The right to work is as sacred as the right to worship : a North Carolina judge holds that no labor union has a right to disturb in any way any man who wants to work
[42] El derecho a la pereza : refutación al 'Derecho al trabajo' de 1848 / Pedro Lafargue. Nueva ed. 1937
[43] An die Arbeit : Aufruf der Sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands.
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