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Titanic disaster Titanic disaster
Moving Image
Geographic Coverage
North Atlantic Ocean
Identified By
Lccn: mp73125400
Shows E. J. Smith, who was later commander of the Titanic, inspecting the Titanic's sister ship Olympia (i.e., Olympic), which was launched on April 31, 1911. (From 108-115', this medium close-up footage of Smith standing on deck repeats itself five times.) Provides views of the first, second, and third cabin promenade decks. Shows luggage being loaded with an electrical crane, then gives a forward end view of the first, second, and third cabin decks. Last scene of the ship shows it moving from the dock, as hundreds of people wave. Next sequence has jumpy pans showing the Titanic's rescue ship Carpathia, with its captain Arthur H. Rostron, and many young men on the deck mugging in front of the camera. Survivor Stewart (i.e., Stuart) Collett is interviewed by the press.
Authorized Access Point
Globe Film Company. Titanic disaster
Authorized Access Point Variant
Warner's Features. Titanic disaster
Kleine (George) Collection (Library of Congress) Titanic disaster