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Photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs
Still Image
Spivak, Lawrence E. (Lawrence Edmund), 1900-1994.
Rountree, Martha.
Brooks, Ned, 1901-1969.
Fulbright, J. William (James William), 1905-1995.
Heller, Walter W.
Humphrey, Hubert H. (Hubert Horatio), 1911-1978.
Jackson, Henry M. (Henry Martin), 1912-1983.
Knowland, William F. (William Fife), 1908-1974.
Lindsay, John V. (John Vliet).
Lodge, Henry Cabot, Jr., 1902-1985.
Mansfield, Mike, 1903-2001.
Muskie, Edmund S., 1914-1996.
Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-1979.
Shriver, Sargent, 1915-2011.
Symington, Stuart, 1901-1988.
Taft, Robert A. (Robert Alphonso), 1889-1953.
Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998.
Meet the press (Radio program)
Meet the press (Television program)
National Broadcasting Company--People--1940-1980.
African Americans--Civil rights--1940-1980.
Presidents--United States--1940-1980.
Cabinet officers--United States--1940-1980.
Governors--United States--1940-1980.
Mayors--United States--1940-1980.
Legislators--United States--1940-1980.
Labor leaders--United States--1940-1980.
Heads of state--1940-1980.
Journalists--United States--1940-1980.
Military officers--1940-1980.
Government officials--1940-1980.
Civil rights leaders--1940-1980.
Television broadcasting--1940-1980.
Radio broadcasting--1940-1980.
Public affairs television programs--1940-1980.
Public affairs radio programs--1940-1980.
Political issues--1940-1980.
International relations--1940-1980.
Genre Form
Portrait photographs--1940-1980.
Group portraits--1940-1980.
Contact sheets--1940-1980.
Gelatin silver prints--1940-1980.
Geographic Coverage
United States
Identified By
Lccn: 93505558
Color Content
black and white
Images from 1,462 "Meet the press" shows are included in this collection. The majority of the photographs depict guests, panels of journalists, producers Lawrence Spivak and Martha Rountree, and moderators Rountree, Spivak, Ned Brooks, and others posed on the set of the "Meet the press" show. Some images show production equipment, backstage scenes, and views of the audience. Also includes some publicity photographs of guests. Included are national and international figures such as heads of state, presidential candidates, members of Congress, mayors, governors, cabinet officers, civil rights leaders, labor leaders, economists, ambassadors, and physicians. Occasionally a cultural or sports figure appears such as Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost, Edward Steichen, and Jackie Robinson. Guests who appeared on the program 10 or more times include: J. William Fulbright, Walter W. Heller, Hubert H. Humphrey, Henry M. Jackson, William F. Knowland, John V. Lindsay, Henry Cabot Lodge, Mike Mansfield, Edmund S. Muskie, Nelson A. Rockefeller, Sargent Shriver, Stuart Symington, Robert A. Taft, and George C. Wallace. Topics discussed on "Meet the press" included international relations, domestic policy, congressional legislation, civil rights, political elections, the Vietnam War, McCarthyism, health care, the Watergate Affair, and the Cold War.
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Spivak, Lawrence E. (Lawrence Edmund), 1900-1994, Photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs
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Meet the Press Collection (Library of Congress) Photographs from "Meet the press" radio and television programs