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Yes, yes Nanette Yes, yes Nanette
Moving Image
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Lccn: 97520622
Nanette writes home that she has found the man of her dreams, they have married and she will be bringing him home the next day. The family dresses up for the big day, but when Nanette and the new husband arrive, the family is none too impressed with the groom. He takes a lot of abuse from the family, mainly over his store-bought hairpiece. He gets no respect, and when his wife's old boyfriend shows up, he gets jealous. Finally fed up, the new husband chases the boyfriend from the house and takes a firm stand with the family.
Authorized Access Point
Laurel, Stan, Yes, yes Nanette
Authorized Access Point Variant
Hennecke, Clarence, 1894-1969, Yes, yes Nanette
Roach, Hal, 1892-1992, Yes, yes Nanette
Harbaugh, Carl, 1886-1960, Yes, yes Nanette
Finlayson, James, 1887-1953, Yes, yes Nanette
Tayo, Lyle, Yes, yes Nanette
O'Neill, Sue, Yes, yes Nanette
Hardy, Oliver, 1892-1957, Yes, yes Nanette
Hal Roach Studios. Yes, yes Nanette
Pathé Exchange. Yes, yes Nanette
AFI/Rubin (Howard) Collection (Library of Congress) Yes, yes Nanette