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McKinley and party
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New York (State)
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Lccn: 98500677
"This picture has been very popular wherever it has been shown on the Biograph. To begin with, the film is unusually fine photographically, and the picture is taken from a point of view which shows the immense distances of Camp Wikoff with its multitude of tents in the background. The President, with Vice-President Hobart and Secretary of War Russell A. Alger, appear in an open carriage escorted by a large number of officers, notable among whom are Gen. Wheeler, Gen. Gates, and Col. John Jacob Astor. This picture is brought to a rather humorous ending by the efforts of a newspaper photographer to get Col. Astor to pose for a picture. He is unsuccessful, and as the gallant colonel gallops away, the photographer's chagrin is apparent"--Biograph picture catalogue.
Date: 1898-09-03 Place: 3802 L6 lcc-g
Filmed on September 3,1898 in Camp Wikoff at Montauk Point, Long Island. According to the New York times, President McKinley spent five hours at Camp Wikoff on September 3, 1898, visiting sick soldiers and inspecting the camp.
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American Mutoscope Company. McKinley and party
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American Mutoscope and Biograph Company. McKinley and party
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) McKinley and party
Niver (Kemp) Collection (Library of Congress) McKinley and party