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LCC: DS796.M2 C484 1999 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2001323798
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: 1 Introduction1
2 An Anomaly in Colonization and Decolonization 9
The Age of Discovery 9
The Encounter of Two Civilizations 17
Problematic Sovereignty and Colonial Ideology 22
The Assertion of 'Perpetual Occupation' 26
Opium-Trafficking and Slave Trade 30
A Poetic Desire for Decolonization 33
Anachronistic Decolonization and a 'Pre-Postcolonial' Era 35
A Resurgent Symbol: The Bank of China Building 38
An Unprecedented Nostalgia 39
A Punctum in History 41
3 'City of the Name of God of Macau in China, There is
None More Loyal' 47
The Toponymy of Macau 47
The Propagation of Christianity 50
The Partition of the World 53
Rites Controversy 54
Ancestor Worship and Chinese Reactions to Christianity 62
Christianity, Gunboats and Cannons 66
Autonomization of the Chinese Church 73
An Oasis of Catholicism 74
4 The Rendezvous of a Virgin Trio 81
Religious Culture in Macau 81
The Facade of the Church of the Mother of God 83
Ma Zu Ge or the Temple of the Goddess of the Sea 100
Guan Yin Tang or the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy 116
Two 'Civilizing' Forces 121
5 Colonial Stereotypes, Transgressive Punishment and Cultural
Anthropophagy 127
The 'Twain' Meet 127
Western Literary Stereotypes of Macau 129
The Evocation of the Child/Mistress Imagery 142
The Punishment of the Western Intruder 144
Cannibalism, Carnivalism and the Mastication of the
Barbarian Other 146
The Intrigue of Miscegenation and the Manipulation of
Chinese Myths 149
The Monkey King's Ordeal 152
The Ultimate Victor 155
Satiric Elements and a Return to the Centre 156
A Field of 'Wheat' and 'Weeds' 157
6 Midway Sojourners, Macanese Moments and Stoical Settlers 161
The River and the Sea 161
City of Threshold and Exile 163
Peninsular Affectivity 169
A Flaneur's Amor 173
A Macanese Dilemma 177
A Bohemian's Adventure 180
City of Anchorage and Endurance 182
A Return from Exile 190
Rootlessness and Rootedness 192
7 Conclusion 197.
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Cheng, Christina Miu Bing. Macau