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Feeding sea gulls Feeding sea gulls
Moving Image
Still Image
Gulls--California--San Francisco.
San Francisco Bay (Calif.)
Tugboats--California--San Francisco.
Scows--California--San Francisco.
Geographic Coverage
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Lccn: 00694202
"A fine view of San Francisco Bay, from an Oakland ferryboat. Tug towing a scow passes by. Sea gulls sail through the air and dive into the seething wake of the boat. 40 feet"--Edison films catalog, no. 94.
"Southern Pacific Company series: The Southern Pacific Company ("Sunset Route") offers special inducements to winter travelers, by reason of its southern route, thereby avoiding the extreme cold of the winter months. Its course lies through a section of the country that presents a variety of beautiful and picturesque natural scenery. It is also the direct route to the popular resorts of Southern California, thereby making it a favorable route for tourists. The following subjects were taken by our artist while traveling over the very extensive lines of the Southern Pacific Railroad Co., to whom we are indebted for many courtesies, and without whose co-operation we should not have been able to bring before the public these animated photographs of interesting and novel scenes"--Edison films catalog, no. 94.
Date: 1898-01-22 Place: 4364 S5 lcc-g
Filmed around January 22, 1898, in San Francisco, California.
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White, James H. (James Henry), Feeding sea gulls
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Blechynden, Frederick, Feeding sea gulls
Thomas A. Edison, Inc. Feeding sea gulls
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress) Feeding sea gulls