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Forecasting 1938
Twentieth century--Forecasts.
United States--Forecasting.
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informational works
sound recording
Radio news programs.
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Lccn: 00584434
Bob Trout announces the forecast made the previous year and introduces the guests. Barry Farris, editor and chief of International News Service (INS), makes predictions concerning the news. Columbia's European representative, Edward Murrow, introduces William Hillman and H. R. Knickerbocker, two stars of INS, who predict foreign affairs. Columnist Prunella Wood predicts the year's fashions. Eddie Rickenbacker, general manager of Eastern Airlines, predicts the future of aviation. George Holmes, chief of the INS Washington bureau, predicts national affairs. B.C. Forbes, financial writer and editor of Forbes magazine, predicts the economic future. Humorist Arthur "Bugs" Baer tells some jokes. Harrison Carroll, motion picture writer for the Los Angeles Herald express, handles the movies and Davis J. Walsh, INS sports editor, is the sports oracle. Australian actress, Mary Maguire, speaks with Harrison Carroll about being an up-and-coming actress. Slips Madigan discusses sports with Davis J. Walsh. Alberto Zalamea, Columbia's commentator heard over shortwave station W2XE, discusses Latin American issues. Composer Deems Taylor, Columbia's musical consultant and commentator, talks about music. J.E. "Dinty" Doyle, radio editor of the New York journal in America, predicts issues for radio in the coming year. John Anderson, drama critic for the New York journal in America, predicts what the year will bring to theater. H.V. Kaltenborn, Columbia's news commentator, sums up the forecasts. Orchestra directed by Freddy Rich. Produced by Earl McGill in cooperation with the radio department of King Features Syndicate.
Authorized Access Point
Baer, Arthur, 1886-1969. Forecasting 1938. Parts 1-4