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Highly parallel computations Highly parallel computations :
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LCC: QA76.58 .H55 2001 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 00109786
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: Section I: General-purpose parallel computing and
Chapter 1
Cluster computing with message passing interface
D.J. Evans and M.Y. Saman3
Chapter 2
Scheduling UET grids with unit communication time delays into
unbounded/fixed number of processors
P. Tsanakas, T. Andronikos, N. Koziris and G. Papakonstantinou43
Chapter 3
Metacomputing: technologyand applications
TG Typou and K.G M argaritis69
Section II: Special parallel architectures and systolic
application case studies
Chapter 4
Architectural design of array processors for multi-dimensional discrete
fourier transform
S. Sedukhin and S. Peng111
Chapter 5
Massive parallel processing for matrix multiplication: a systolic approach
D .J. Evans and C.R Wan139
Chapter 6
Hexagonal systolic arrays for matrix multiplication
MP. Bekakos, L Milovanovic, E.I. Milovanovic,
TI. Tokic and M K. Stoj ev175
Chapter 7
Systolic block-Jacobi SVD algorithm for processor meshes
G O k a and M Vajter ic211
Chapter 8
An introduction to processor-time-optimal systolic arrays
P Cappello, 0. Egecioglu and C. Scheiman237
Chapter 9
Hyper-systolic algorithms with applications in linear algebra and
molecular dynamics
Th. Lippert and N. Petkov271
Chapter 10
Designing processor-time optimal systolic configurations
O.B. Efremides and M P Bekakos339
Section III: Neural algorithms and applications
Chapter 11
Word recognition system using neural networks
H. Y. Sanossian367
Chapter 12
Self-organised evolutionary neural networks: Algorithms and applications
S.D. Likothanassis and E.F Georgopoulos 397.
Authorized Access Point
Bekakos, M. P., 1951- Highly parallel computations