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Bloodtypes, bodytypes, and you Bloodtypes, bodytypes, and you :
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LCC: RA776.5 .C497 2000 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 613 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 00109817
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: SECTION I Developing a Plan for a Healthy
1 Genetics-Your Foundation for Success9
2 Bridging the Gap-Setting Goals, Staying Focused25
SECTION II Instinctive Eating-
Eating According to Your Blood Type
3 How to Become an Instinctive Eater43
4 Your Four-Week Test Plan53
5 Diet and Nutrition61
6 Blood Type A83
7 Blood Type B99
8 Blood Type AB117
9 Blood Type O135
10 Family Meal Planning153
11 28-Day Pick-a-Meal Recipes173
SECTION III Body Genetics-Reaching Your
Genetic Potential
12 Body Genetics219
13 A Survival Kit for Your Journey233
14 Body Redesigning 90-Day Workout Programs255
SECTION IV Real People, Real Results265
SECTION V Body Type Workout Programs295
2-1 Reasons to Change-Positive Values;
Reasons Not to Change-Negative Fears32
2-2 Setting Goals-Are You Making Progress?34
2-3 Checklist of Pitfalls37
3-1 Benefits of the Journey Experience45
4-1 Determining Your Blood Type55
4-2 Monitor Your Progress59
5-1 Glycemic Index of Common Foods63
5-2 Sample Pick-a-Meal Daily Plan #172
5-3 Sample Pick-a-Meal Daily Plan #2 72
5-4 Protein and Exercise79
5-5 28-Day Pick-a-Meal Planner81
12-1 Exercise Paradox221
13-1 Body Fat Test244
13-2 Rule of Thumb for Healthy Eating 246
13-3 Initial Measurement Sheet247
13-4 90-Day Master Measurement Recording Sheet 248
13-5 Progress Report Card 249
13-6 Dietary Analysis250
13-7 Determining Your Body Type 251
13-8 Troubleshooting the Pear Body Type 252
13-9 Troubleshooting the Apple Body Type 253
13-10 Troubleshooting the Banana Body Type 254
14-1 Selecting How Much Weight to Use258
14-2 Training Heart Rate Expressed
in 10-Second Count259
14-3 Regulating Your Body Weight 260
14-4 Charting Your Exercise Journey262.
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Christiano, Joseph. Bloodtypes, bodytypes, and you