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Reactions and synthesis in surfactant systems
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LCC: TP994 .R42 2001 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 668/.1 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2001028628
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: Part One Surfactant Synthesis and Transformations
1. Industrial Surfactant Syntheses 1
Ansgar Behler, Manfred Biermann, Karlheinz Hill, Hans-Christian Raths, Marie-Esther Saint Victor,
and Giinter Uphues
2. Cleavable Surfactants 45
Krister Holmberg
3. Gemini Surfactants and Surfactant Oligomers 59
Martin In
4. New Glycolipids Having Biological Activities: Key Role of Their Organization 111
Armand Lattes, Isabelle Rico-Lattes, Emile Perez, and Muriel Blanzat
5. Surfactants for Supercritical and Near-Critical Fluids 129 '
Terri Carson, Sharon L. Wells, and Joseph M. DeSimone
6. Acid- and Oxidatively Labile Vinyl Ether Surfactants: Synthesis and Drug Delivery Applications 145
Jong-Mok Kim and David H. Thompson
7. Three Principles for Active Control of Interfacial Properties of Surfactant Solutions 155
Jason Y Shin, Lana L Jong, Nihal Aydogan, and Nicholas L Abbott
Part Two Chemistry in Isotropic Phases and in Mesophases
8. Reactivity Control by Aqueous Amphiphilic Self-Assembling Systems 175
Gianfranco Savelli, Raimondo Germani, and Lucia Brinchi
9. Diels-Alder Reactions in Micellar Media 247
Sijbren Otto and Jan B. F N. Engberts
10. Interfacial Compositions of Surfactant Assemblies by Chemical Trapping with Arenediazonium Ions:
Method and Applications 265
Laurence S. Romsted
11. Electro-Organic Synthesis in Macro- and Microheterogeneous Solutions: Emulsions, Micelles,
and Related Systems 295
Marc Thomalla
12. Mediated Electro-Organic Synthesis in Microemulsions 323
James F Rusling
13. Chemical Activation in Micelles, Pseudomicelles, and Microemulsions 337
Isabelle Rico-Lattes, Armand Lattes, Emile Perez, Ferdinand Gonzaga, and Andreea Ruxandra Schmitzer
14. Reactions and Synthesis in Microemulsions and Emulsions in Carbon Dioxide 349
Keith P Johnston, J. D. Holmes, G. B. Jacobson, C. T Lee, G. Li, P Psathas, and M. Z. Yates
15. Reactions in Multiphase (Liquid/Liquid) Micellar Systems 359
Turgut Battal and James F Rathman
16. Chemical Detoxification in Amphiphilic Systems 373
Raymond A. Mackay
17. Colloidal Chemistry of Lubricating Oils 385
Duncan C. Hone, Brian H. Robinson, Jane R. Galsworthy, and Roger W. Glyde
18. Giant Vesicles as Microchemical Vessels 395
Stephen J. Lee and Jason S. Keiper
19. Electroless Plating of Organic Pigment Thin Films Using Surfactants with an Azobenzene Group 407
Tetsuo Saji
20. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Modeling of Micellar Autocatalysis 413
Jean-Claude Micheau and R. Nagarajan
Part Three Polymerization Chemistry
21. Emulsion Polymerization 429
Klaus Tauer
22. Free Radical Polymerization in Microemulsions 455
Carlos C. Co, Renko de Vries, and Eric W. Kaler
23. Heterophase Polymerization in Inverse Systems 471
Katharina Landfester and Hans-Peter Hentze
24. Vesicular Polymerization 501
Jutta Hotz and Wolfgang Meier
25. The Use of Surfactant Self-Assembly in the Enzymatic Synthesis of Novel Polymers 515
Glen Irvin, Sukanta Banerjee, Ramannair Premachandran, Blake A. Simmons, Sichu Li, Vijay T John,
Gary McPherson, Joseph Akkara, David Kaplan, and Weilie Zhou
26. Material Synthesis by Polymerization in Surfactant Mesophases 525
Eric J. Paul and Robert K. Prud'homme
27. Admicellar Polymerization 537
John O'Haver, Brian Grady, Jeffrey H. Harwell, and Edgar A. O'Rear
28. Polymerizable and Polymeric Surfactants 547
Alain Guyot and Klaus Tauer
Part Four Particle Precipitation
29. Organic Particle Precipitation 577
John Texter
30. Synthesis of Inorganic and Organic Nanoparticles in Microemulsions 609
L. Jeunieau, F Debuigne, and Janos B.Nagy
31. Colloidal Nanoparticles and Nanoparticulate Films Grown at the Air-Water Interface 633
Janos H. Fendler
32. Formation of Nanoparticles in Organized Amphiphilic Films 639
Karen Grieve, Franz Grieser, and D. Neil Furlong
Part Five Supramolecular Synthesis
33. The Role of Steric Constraints and Intermolecular Interactions in the Formation of Surfactant Phases 667
Sonke Svenson
34. Stereochemistry of Lipid Micelles and Vesicles That Survive Drying 715
Jiirgen-Hinrich Fuhrhop
35. Synthesis and Properties of Amphiphile-Based Gene Carriers 729
Nily Dan
36. Synthesis of Microporous Materials from Reverse Micelles 737
Ramsharan Singh, Mario Castagnola, and Prabir K. Dutta
37. Mesoscopic Films at Interfaces 761
Srinivas Manne, R. K. Workman, and J. L. Wolgemuth
38. Synthesis of Mesoscopic Silica Films at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces 779
Yoon Seob Lee and James F. Rathman
39. Inorganic Nanostructure Design with Amphiphilic Block Copolymers 797
Christine Goltner
40. The Role of Surfactants and Amphiphiles in the Synthesis of Porous Inorganic Solids 819
Andreas Stein and Brian J. Melde.
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Texter, J. (John) Reactions and synthesis in surfactant systems