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Reinventing Hippocrates Reinventing Hippocrates
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LCC: R126.H8 R35 2002 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 610 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2001022834
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: 1 Introduction: The Uses and Meanings of Hippocrates 1
David Cantor
PART I Renaissance Constructions of Hippocratism
2 The Power of Paternity: The Father of Medicine Meets the Prince
of Physicians 21
Helen King
3 Hippocrates and the Construction of 'Progress' in Sixteenth- and
Seventeenth-century Medicine 37
Thomas Riitten
4 The Chemical Hippocrates: Paracelsian and Hippocratic Theory in
Petrus Severinus' Medical Philosophy 59
Jole Shackelford
PART II The Transformations of Hippocratism in Seventeenth-
and Eighteenth-century Britain
5 The Transformation of Hippocrates in Seventeenth-century Britain 91
Andrew Cunningham
6 Hippocrates and the Politics of Medical Knowledge in Early
Moder England 116
Robert L. Martensen
7 Hippocrates, Bacon, and Medical Meteorology at the Royal
Society, 1700-1750 136
Andrea Rusnock
PART III Hippocratism in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-century
France and North America
8 Hippocrates and the Montpellier Vitalists in the French Medical
Enlightenment 157
Elizabeth A. Williams
9 The Rhetoric of Hippocrates at the Paris School 178
Ann E La Berge
10 Making History in American Medical Culture: The Antebellum
Competition for Hippocrates 200
John Harley Warner
PART IV Twentieth-century Hippocratic Revivals
11 Hippocrates American Style: Representing Professional Morality
in Early Twentieth-century America 239
Susan E. Lederer
12 Hippocrates, Holism and Humanism in Interwar France 257
George Weisz
13 The Name and the Word: Neo-Hippocratism and Language in
Interwar Britain 280
David Cantor
14 A Model for the New Physician: Hippocrates in Interwar Germany 302
Carsten Timmermann.
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Cantor, David. Reinventing Hippocrates