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The element of surprise
Genre Form
popular music
sound recording
sung or spoken text (eng)
Identified By
Lccn: 2001558287
Table Of Contents
The element of surprise (4:23)
Trump change (4:30)
All tha time (featuring B-Legit) (3:21)
Dump, bust, blast (4:11)
Hope I don't go back (4:38)
$999,999 + $1 = a mealticket (4:32)
Money scheme (featuring Jayo Felony) (6:20)
Zoom (4:09)
Mayhem (featuring A-1) (5:09)
Personal (featuring D-Shot, Suga T., the Mossie & LeVitti) (4:31)
My hoodlums & my thugz (featuring WC & Mack 10) (4:44)
Do it to me (featuring Busta Rhymes) (3:40)
Lieutenant Roast A Botch (4:41)
It's on, on sight (featuring C-Bo) (4:13)
From the ground up (featuring Too Short and K-Ci & JoJo) (4:52)
Flashin' (4:54)
Doin' dirt bad (featuring B-Legit) (4:24)
Broccoli (4:07)
Jump my bone (3:57)
Back against the wall (featuring Master P) (4:16)
To da beat (4:12)
Dirty deeds (3:46)
Ballin' outta control (4:27)
One more gen (6:09).
Authorized Access Point
E-40 (Rapper) element of surprise