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The formative period of Twelver Shīʻism
LCC: BP193 .N49 2000 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 297.8/21 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2001347117
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: CHAPTER ONE: The View from Baghdad: The ShT'a in the Early
Third/Ninth Century
The ShT'i/Mu'tazili and Court Alliance During the Caliphate of
Shl'ism and 'Popular' Rebellion in the Umayyad and Early
Abbasid Periods
The Anarchy of the Second Civil War and Further ShT'i Uprisings
CHAPTER TWO: The View from Baghdad: The ShT'a at the Turn
of the Third/Ninth Century
The Shi'i Resurgence
The Shi'i Vizierates and the Rise of the Banu Nawbakht
The Conditionality of ImamT Rationalism: The Achievements of
the BanO Nawbakht
Summary and Conclusion
CHAPTER THREE: Pockets of Believers: The View from the ShT'T
City-State of Qum
Sunnism in Iran: Traditionism and Egalitarianism
The Sht'a in Third/Ninth Century Iran
The Twelver Sht'a in Iran: Between Centres and Peripheries
A Shi'i Haven: Qum and the Ash'art Tribe
Tribe and City
Ash'ari Qum and Abbasid Baghdad
CHAPTER FOUR: Al-Barqi and the Beginnings of the QummT/
Ash'arT Association with the Traditions
Ahmad b. Muhammad al-Barqi: the Mawla Traditionist
Al-Barqi and al-Mahsin
Summary and Conclusion
CHAPTER FIVE: Al-Saffar's Basa'ir al-Darajat: Theological
Discourse As Encouragement
Basa'ir as Qummi Discourse
The Importance of 'Ilm and Its Possessors
The Miraculous Nature, Substance and Transmission of the Imams' 'Ilm
The Unique Nature of the Imams and their Sht'a
The Unique Abilities of the Imams
Summary and Conclusions
CHAPTER SIX: Al-KulaynT's al-Kaff: The Qummi Response to
Baghdadi Rationalism
Al-KulaynT on al-Kafti2 Baghdad's Rationalist Discourse on the Edge
The Centrality of al-'Aql and al-'Ilm: the Repudiation of Rationalism
The Grace of al-'Ilm
Summary and Conclusion
CHAPTER SEVEN: Al-Saffar and al-KulaynT on the Imams and the
Imamate: Twelver Theology Between Qum and Baghdad
The Qummi/Ash'ari Connection to Twelver Traditionist Theology
The Theology of al-Kafi Kitab al-Tawhfd
Twelver Theology Between Qum and Baghdad: Al-Kaft's Kitab al- Hujja
The Imamology in Basa'ir and al-Kaft's Kitab al-,Huja: a Comparative
Special Effects and Possessions Possessed by the Imams
Their Special Personages
The Unique Abilities of the Imams
Al-Kulayni's Excisions
CHAPTER EIGHT: AI-Kafi From Theology to Practice
The Practical Nature of al-Usil's Traditions
The Traditions of al-Furd' as QummT Discourse on Points of Practice
The Collection and Obligations of al-Khums
The Collection and Distribution of Alms
'Fle Obligation and Conduct of Congregational Prayer
Overt Confrontation with Authority
Al-Amr and al-Nahy
The Permitted Scope of Personal Relations, and Confrontation,
With Authority
The Implementation of al-.Hudzud During the Occultation
Judicial Arbitration in the Absence of the Imam
The Imams and al-Jawr in al-Kafi
CHAPTER NINE: Summary and Conclusions
Index of Qur'anic verses cited
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Newman, Andrew J. formative period of Twelver Shīʻism