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An effort based approach to consonant lenition
Illustrative Content
LCC: P235 .K57 2001 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 414 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2001048322
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: Chapter 1: Introduction
1. Overview of the Survey
2. Previous Approaches
3. An Effort-Based Approach to Lenition
4. Structure of the Dissertation
Chapter 2: Articulatory Effort
1. The Neuromuscular Basis of Effort
2. A Biomechanical Approach to Effort
3. Precision
4. Effort Minimization and Voicing Lenition
5. Summary
Chapter 3: Representational Issues
1. Smolensky's Challenge to the Standard Model
2. A Definition of Contrastiveness
3. Faithfulness
4. A Language-Specific Predictable Property: Aspiration
in English
5. Universally Non-Contrastive Properties: Vowel
6. Generalizing the Result: the Contrastiveness Theorem
7. Categorical Effects with Continuous Representations
8. Lenition or Fortition with Indeterminate UR's
9. Summary
Chapter 4: Spirantization and Stridency
1. Documenting the Generalization
2. An Effort-Based Explanation
3. Formal Capture of the Phonetic Explanation
4. Lenition of Affricates
5. Analysis of Assibilation
6. Summary and Discussion
Chapter 5: Geminates
1. Previous Treatments of Geminate Inalterability
2. Generalizations
3. An Effort-Based Account of the Generalizations
4. Heteromorphemic Geminates
5. Summary and Alternative Approaches
Chapter 6: Effort-Based Contexts
1. Aperture-Conditioned Lenition
2. Speech Rate and Register
3. Alternative Approaches
Chapter 7: Tumpisa Shoshone
1. Data
2. Analysis of Spirantization and Flapping
3. Analysis of(De)voicing
4. Analysis of Nasal Weakening
5. Analysis of Laryngeal Elision
6. Summary
Chapter 8: Florentine Italian
1. Data
2. Effort Values
3. Analysis
4. Conclusion
Chapter 9: Conclusion: Stabilization of Lenition Patterns
1. The Stabilization Problem: Tigrinya Spirantization
2. Selection of Phonetic Variants
3. Effort under Canonical Conditions
4. Remaining Questions.
Authorized Access Point
Kirchner, Robert Martin, 1961- effort based approach to consonant lenition