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Instrument engineers' handbook
Process control--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Measuring instruments--Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Illustrative Content
LCC: TS156.8 .I56 2002 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 681/.2 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2002017478
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: Contributors Preface Definitions Abbreviations, Nomenclature, Acronyms, and Symbols Societies and Organizations 1 Overall Plant Design 1.1 Auditing Existing Plants for Upgrading 1.2 Project Management and Documentation 1.3 Operator Training, Commissioning, and Start-Up 1.4 Flowsheet Symbols and Functional Diagramming for Digitally Implemented Loops 1.5 Historical Data Storage and Evaluation 1.6 Integration of Process Data with Maintenance Systems 1.7 Applications, Standards, and Products for Grounding and Shielding 1.8 Concepts of Hierarchical Control 1.9 Analog or Discrete Input/Output, Costs and Signal Processing 1.10 Estimating the Costs of Control System Packages 2 Designing a Safe Plant 2.1 Hazardous Area Classification 2.2 Intrinsic Safety Rules for Fieldbus Installations 2.3 Purging and Inerting Systems 2.4 High-Integrity Pressure Protection Systems 2.5 Process Safety Management 2.6 Redundant or Voting Systems for Increased Reliability 2.7 Network Security 198 2.8 Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis, and Operation 2.9 Reliability Engineering Concepts 2.10 Intelligent Alarm Management 2.11 Safety Instrumentation and Justification of Its Cost 2.12 International Safety Standards and Certification (ANSI/ISA-S84, IEC 61511/61508/62061, ISO 13849) 3 Control Center, Workstation, and Logic Design 3.1 Operator Interface Evolution 3.2 Virtual Reality Tools for Testing Control Room Concepts 3.3 Upgrading the Control Room 3.4 Manufacturing Platforms and Workstations 3.5 Workstation Hosts: Design Concepts and Classification 3.6 Integration of DCS, PLC, HMI, and SCADA Systems 3.7 Integration with RTUs, Multiplexers, Fieldbuses, and Data Highways 3.8 Hybrid Systems with Discrete and Analog Capability 3.9 SCADA-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition 3.10 PLC Programming 3.11 Fault-Tolerant Programming and Real-Time Operating Systems 3.12 Practical Logic Design 4 Buses and Networks 4.1 An Introduction to Networks in Process Automation 4.2 PLC Proprietary and Open Networks 4.3 Hardware Selection for Fieldbus Systems 4.4 Sorting Out the Protocols 4.5 Overall Fieldbus Trends 4.6 Fieldbus Advantages and Disadvantages 4.7 Fieldbus Design, Installation, Economics, and Documentation 4.8 Instrumentation Network Design and Upgrade 4.9 Global System Architectures 4.10 Advantages and Limitations of Open Networks 4.11 HART Networks 4.12 Foundation Fieldbus Network 4.13 PROFIBUS-PA 4.14 Designing PROFIBUS-PA and Foundation Fieldbus Segments 4.15 Ethernet and TCP/IP-Based Systems 4.16 Fieldbus Networks Catering to Specific Niches of Industry 4.17 Proprietary Networks 4.18 Fiber-Optic Networks 4.19 Satellite, Infrared, Radio, and Wireless LAN Networks 5 Software Packages 5.1 Control Loop Optimization 5.2 Data Reconciliation 5.3 Sequence of Event Recorders and Post-Trip Reviews 5.4 OPC Software Architecture 5.5 Batch Control State of the Art 5.6 Plantwide Control Loop Optimization 5.7 Plantwide Controller Performance Monitoring 5.8 The "Virtual Plant," A Tool for Better Understanding Appendix A.1 International System of Units A.2 Engineering Conversion Factors A.3 Chemical Resistance of Materials A.4 Composition of Metallic and Other Materials A.5 Steam and Water Tables A.6 Friction Loss in Pipes A.7 Tank Volumes A.8 Partial List of Suppliers Index.
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Lipták, Béla G. Instrument engineers' handbook. Process software and digital networks