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Assessment and treatment of childhood problems Assessment and treatment of childhood problems :
Behavior disorders in children--Diagnosis.
Behavior disorders in children--Treatment.
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Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: PART I. THE FOUNDATION
Chapter 1. Development of Psychopathology
Normal Development,
Vulnerability and Resilience,
Prevention of Problems,
Summary and Conclusions,
Chapter 2. Assessment to Intervention
Issues of Diagnostic Classification,
Estimates of Prevalence,
Planning the Assessment,
Assessment Case Example,
A Comprehensive Assessment-to-Intervention System,
Methods for Gathering Information,
Treatment Issues,
Chapter 3. Eating Problems
Normal Development of Feeding Behavior,
Eating Problems Related to Infant Feeding,
Assessment of Obesity,
Treatment of Obesity,
Case Example: Obesity,
Food Refusal Problems,
Assessment of Food Refusal Problems,
Treatment of Food Refusal Problems,
Case Example: Food Refusal Problem,
Chapter 4. Toileting: Training, Enuresis, and Encopresis
Toilet Training,
Assessment of Nocturnal Enuresis,
Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis,
Treatment of Mixed Enuresis,
Treatment Protocol for Enuresis,
Case Example: Enuresis,
Assessment of Encopresis,
Treatment of Encopresis,
Treatment Protocols for Encopresis,
Case Example: Encopresis,
Chapter 5. Habits and Tics
Oral Habits,
Other Habits,
Assessment of Habits and Tics,
Treatment of Habits and Tics in General,
Treatment for Tourette's Disorder,
Case Example: From Tics to Tourette's Disorder,
Chapter 6. Sleep
Normal Sleep States and Patterns,
Sleep Disturbances,
Assessment of Sleep Problems,
Treatment of Sleep Problems,
Case Example: Night Waking,
Case Example: Nightmares,
Chapter 7. Sexuality and Sexual Problems
Normal Sexual Development,
Sexuality Education,
Sexual Problems,
Child Sexual Abuse,
Assessment of Sexual Abuse,
Treatment of Sexual Abuse,
Format for Immediate Short-Term Treatment When Abuse
Has Been Substantiated,
Treatment in Cases Involving Nonsubstantiated Abuse,
Case Example: Substantiated Sexual Abuse,
Chapter 8. Fears and Anxieties
Development of Fears and Worries,
Anxiety Disorders,
General Characteristics of Anxiety Disorders,
Assessment of Fears and Anxieties,
Treatment of Anxiety Disorders,
Case Example: School Refusal,
Chapter 9. Depression
Definition and Classification,
General Characteristics of Depression,
Case Example: Subclinical Depression,
Chapter 10. Disruptive Behavior
Classification and Diagnosis,
General Characteristics of Disruptive Behavior Problems,
Development of Disruptive Behavior,
Assessment of Disruptive Behavior,
Case Example: Preschool Oppositional Behavior,
Chapter 11. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Diagnostic Criteria,
General Characteristics of ADHD,
Case Example: ADHD-C,
Chapter 12. Siblings
Adjustment to the Birth of a Sibling,
Sibling Conflict,
Assessment of Sibling Conflict,
Treatment of Sibling Rivalry,
Case Example: Physical Conflict among Siblings,
Chapter 13. Divorce
Effects of Divorce on Children,
Assessment of Divorce-Related Issues,
Treatment of Divorce-Related Problems,
Case Example: Recommendations for a Child's Living Situation,
Chapter 14. Bereavement
Children's Understanding of Death,
Children's Adjustment to Death,
The Terminally Ill Child,
Assessment of Death-Related Issues,
Treatment of Death-Related Issues,
Case Example: Death of a Parent,
Case Example: Death of a Sibling,
Appendix A. Description of Assessment Instruments
Parent Rating Scales,
Teacher Rating Scales,
Child Self-Report Measures,
Behavioral Observation Systems,
Structured Interviews,
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Measures,
Depression, Anxiety, and Fear Measures,
Parent Characteristic Measures,
Appendix B. Assessment Instruments
B.1. General Parent Questionnaire,
B.2. Daily Log,
B.3. Specific Events Causing Concern,
B.4. Teacher Questionnaire,
B.5. Fear Survey Schedule for Children-Revised (FSSC-R),
B.6. Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED)-
Child Version,
B.7. Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED)-
Parent Version,
B.8. Hopelessness Scale for Children,
B.9. Hopkins Motor and Vocal Tic Scale,
B.10. Children's Eating Behavior Inventory (CEBI),
B.11. Child Attention Problems (CAP),
B.12. Academic Performance Rating Scale (APRS),
B.13. Therapy Attitude Inventory (TAI),.
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Schroeder, Carolyn S. Assessment and treatment of childhood problems
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Gordon, Betty N. Assessment and treatment of childhood problems