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Topics in differential geometry Topics in differential geometry :
Davies, Evan Tom, 1904-1973. Contributor
Rund, Hanno. Contributor
Forbes, William F. Contributor
Geometry, Differential.
Davies, Evan Tom, 1904-1973.
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Lccn: 75044114
Table Of Contents
Clark, R. S. Evan Tom Davies.
Bompiani, E. Reminiscences of E. T. Davies.
Anderson, I. M. The uniqueness of the neutrino energy-momentum tensor and the Einstein-Weyl equations.
Brickell, F., Clark, R. S., and Al-Borney, M. S. (G, E) structures.
Horndeski, G. W. Tensorial concomitants of an almost complex structure.
Lichnerowicz, A. Variétés symplectiques, variétés canoniques, et systèmes dynamiques.
Lovelock, D. Divergence-free third order concomitants of the metric tensor in three dimensions.
McKiernan, M. A. A functional equation in the characterization of null cone preserving maps.
Rund, H. Generalized Clebsch representations on manifolds.
Walker, A. G. Note on locally symmetric vector fields in a Riemannian space.
Willmore, T. J. Mean curvature of immersed manifolds.
Wong, Y. C. and Mok, K. P. Connections and M-tensors on the tangent bundle TM.
Yano, K. Differential geometry of totally real submanifolds.
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Davies, Evan Tom, 1904-1973. Topics in differential geometry
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Rund, Hanno. Topics in differential geometry
Forbes, William F. Topics in differential geometry