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Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo biloba
Ginkgo--Industrial applications.
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Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: 1 The Evolution, Ecology, and Cultivation of Ginkgo biloba 7
Peter Del Tredici
2 Ginkgo biloba L.: Aspects of the Systematical and Applied Botany 25
Volker Melzheimer and Johannes J. Lichius
3 Lignification of Xylem Cell Walls of Ginkgo biloba 49
Noritsugu Terashima and Kazuhiko Fukushima
4 Cultivation of Ginkgo biloba on a Large Scale 63
Dominique Laurain
5 Plant Cell Biotechnology of Ginkgo 81
Danielle Julie Carrier and Dominique Laurain
6 Ginkgo biloba - Large Scale Extraction and Processing 99
Joe O'Reilly
7 Chemical Constituents of Ginkgo biloba 109
Andreas Hasler
8 A Personal Account of the Early Ginkgolide Structural Studies 143
Koji Nakanishi
9 Chemical Analysis of Ginkgo Terpene Trilactones 151
Teris A. van Beek
10 The Analysis of Ginkgo Flavonoids 179
Otto Sticher, Beat Meier and Andreas Hasler
11 Occurrence and Analysis of Alkyl Phenols in Ginkgo biloba 203
Luisella Verotta, Paolo Morazzoni and Federico Peterlongo
12 Occurrence and Analysis of Ginkgo Polyprenols 215
Hoon Huh
13 Considerations in the Development of the U.S. Pharmacopoeia's
Monograph on Ginkgo biloba L. 229
V. Srini Srinivasan
14 Industrial Quality Control of Ginkgo Products 245
Fabrizio F Camponovo and Fabio Soldati
15 History, Development and Constituents of EGb 761 267
Katy Drieu and Hermann Jaggy
16 In Vitro Studies of the Pharmacological and Biochemical Activities
of Ginkgo biloba Extract (EGb 761) and its Constituents 279
Francis V DeFeudis and Katy Drieu
17 In Vivo Studies of the Pharmacological and Biochemical Activities
of Ginkgo biloba Extract (EGb 761) and its Constituents 303
Katy Drieu and Francis V DeFeudis
18 The Neuroprotective Properties of Ginkgo Extracts 331
Cynthia L. Darlington, Paul F. Smith and Karyn Maclennan
19 Ginkgo biloba Extracts for the Treatment of Cerebral Insufficiency
and Dementia 345
Joerg Schulz, Peter Halama and Robert Hoerr
20 Clinical Uses of Ginkgo biloba Extract in the Field of Peripheral
Arterial Occlusive Disease (PAOD) 371
Bernard Bulling, Norbert Clemens and Volker Dankers
21 Efficacy of Ginkgo biloba Special Extracts - Evidence from
Randomized Clinical Trials 385
Martien C.J.M. van Dongen, Erik van Rossum and Paul Knipschild
22 Adverse Effects and Toxicity of Ginkgo Extracts 443
Herman J. Woerdenbag and Peter A.G.M. De Smet
23 Food Poisoning by Ginkgo Seeds: The Role of 4-O-Methylpyridoxine 453
Keiji Wada
24 Homeopathic Uses of Ginkgo biloba 467
Frans M. van den Dungen
25 Cosmetical Uses of Ginkgo Extracts and Constituents 475
Ezio Bombardelli, Aldo Cristoni and Paolo Morazzoni
26 Patents of Ginkgo biloba and its Constituents 491
Marian A.J.T. van Gessel
27 The Marketing and Economic Aspects of Ginkgo biloba Products 517
Gopi Warrier and Amy Corzine
28 The Ginkgo, Past, Present and Future 523
Yves Christen.
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Beek, Teris André van. Ginkgo biloba