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Globalization and maritime power Globalization and maritime power
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Table Of Contents
Globalization and seapower : overview and context / by Sam J. Tangredi
Characteristics and requirements of a globalized security environment / by Frank G. Hoffman and Sam J. Tangredi
3: Geopolitics versus globalization / by Douglas E. Streusand
Transnational threats and maritime responses / by Kimberley L. Thachuk and Sam J. Tangredi
5: Global terrorism, strategy, and naval forces / by Randall G. Bowdish
Market effects of naval presence in a globalized world : a research summary / by Robert Looney
Globalization of maritime commerce : the rise of hub ports / by Daniel Y. Coulter
Sea lane security and U.S. maritime trade : chokepoints as scarce resources / by Donna J. Nincic
Economic and strategic implications of ice-free Arctic seas / by Jesse C. Carman
Asia's energy future : the military-market link / by Thomas P.M. Barnett
The globalization of the defense sector? Naval industrial cases and issues / by Peter Dombrowski
Globalization and the international law of the sea / by Daniel Moran
Moving beyond integration : globalization and maritime power from a European perspective / by James H. Bergeron
Globalization and multinational naval doctrine / by James J. Tritten
Naval overseas presence in the new U.S. defense strategy / by Richard L. Kugler
From effects-based operations to effects-based deterrence : military planning and globalization / by Edward A. Smith, Jr.
Globalization under the sea / by William J. Holland, Jr.
Globalization and naval aviation / by J. Kevin Mattonen
Globalization and surface warfare / by Norman Friedman, James S. Obrasky, and Sam J. Tangredi
High-tech warfare in a high-tech world : mine warfare and globalization / by Thomas R. Bernitt and Sam J. Tangredi
Globalization and amphibious warfare / by George V. Galdorisi
A Marine Corps for a global century : expeditionary maneuver brigades / by Frank G. Hoffman
Homeland security : implications for the U.S. Coast Guard / by Edward Feege and Scott C. Truver
Naval contributions to national missile defense / by Hans Binnendijk and George Stewart
The U.S. Navy in an antiaccess world / by Clark A. Murdock
Globalization of antiaccess strategies? / by Norman Friedman
The future of American naval power : propositions and recommendations / by Donald C.F. Daniel
A naval operational architecture for global tactical operations / by J.N. Williams and James S. Obrasky
The U.S. Navy before and after September 11 / by Henry H. Gaffney
Will globalization sink the Navy? / by James J. Wirtz.
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Tangredi, Sam J. Globalization and maritime power