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Argumentation, the study of effective reasoning Argumentation, the study of effective reasoning
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sound recording
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Lccn: 2004567996
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instructional materials
Dr. David Zarefsky, professor of communication studies at Northwestern University, delivers lectures covering the history of rhetoric and debate as well as analysis of different types of arguments in various situations.
Table Of Contents
Lecture 1. Introducing argumentation and rhetoric
Lecture 2. History of argumentation studies
Lecture 3. Formal and informal argument
Lecture 4. The emergence of controversy
Lecture 5. Resolutions and issues
Lecture 6. Stasis, the focal point of dispute
Lecture 7. Presumption and burden of proof
Lecture 8. Argument analysis and diagramming
Lecture 9. Claims and evidence
Lecture 10. Reasoning from parts to whole
Lecture 11. Moving from cause to effect
Lecture 12. Establishing correlations
Lecture 13. Analogy, narrative and form
Lecture 14. What makes a sound argument?
Lecture 15. Fallacies in reasoning
Lecture 16. Validity and fallacies reconsidered
Lecture 17. Assembling a case
Lecture 18. Attack and defense I
Lecture 19. Attack and defense II
Lecture 20. Language and style in argumentation
Lecture 21. Arguments between friends
Lecture 22. Arguments among experts
Lecture 23. Public argument and democratic life
Lecture 24. The ends of argumentation.
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Zarefsky, David. Argumentation, the study of effective reasoning
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Teaching Company. Argumentation, the study of effective reasoning