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Storia minima della popolazione del mondo
original (ita)
Translated from the Italian
Illustrative Content
LCC: HB871 .L56513 2007 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 304.6 full (Assigner: dlc)
15.50 (Source: bcl)
74.81 (Source: bcl)
Identified By
Lccn: 2005037146
Includes translation
Table Of Contents
[ch.] 1. The space and strategy of demographic growth
1. Humans and animals
2. Divide and multiply
3. Jacopo Bichi and Domenica Del Buono, Jean Guyon and Mathurine Robin
4. Reproduction and survival
5. The space of growth
6. Environmental constraints
7. A few figures
[ch.] 2. Demographic growth : between choice and constraint
1. Constraint, choice, adaptation
2. From hunters to farmers : the Neolithic demographic transition
3. Black Death and demographic decline in Europe
4. The tragedy of the American Indios : old microbes and new populations
5. Africa, American and the slave trade
6. The French Canadians : a demographic success story
7. Ireland and Japan : two islands, two histories
8. On the threshold of the contemporary world : China and Europe
[ch.] 3. Land, labor, and population
1. Diminishing returns and demographic growth
2. Historical confirmations
3. Demographic pressure and economic development
4. More on demographic pressure and development : examples from the Stone Age to the present day
5. Space, land, and development
6. Population size and prosperity
7. Increasing or decreasing returns?
[ch.] 4. Toward order and efficiency : the recent demography of Europe and the developed world
1. From waste to economy
2. From disorder to order : the lengthening of life
3. From high to low fertility
4. European emigration : a unique phenomenon
5. A summing up : the results of the transition
6. Theoretical considerations on the relationship between demographic and economic growth
7. More on the relationship between demographic and economic growth : empirical observations
[ch.] 5. The populations of poor countries
1. An extraordinary phase
2. The conditions of survival
3. A brief geography of fertility
4. The conditions and prospects for fertility decline and demographic policy
5. India and China
6. Fertilia and Sterilia
7. Explaining a paradox
[ch.] 6. The future
1. Population and self-regulation
2. The numbers of the future
3. The North-South divide and international migration
4. On sustainability of extended survival
5. The moving limits
6. The emerging limits : resources
7. The emerging limits : environment
8. Calculations and values.
Authorized Access Point
Livi Bacci, Massimo. Storia minima della popolazione del mondo. English