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Voyages and travels.
Travelers' writings.
Translated into English from multiple languages
LCC: G460 .O84 2005 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 910.4 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2006273529
Table Of Contents
Three Chinese scholars go "West" to India (fifth-seventh century)
The travels of a Japanese monk (c. 838)
The pillow book of Sei Shonagon (c. 990)
The haj and other journeys of ibn Jubayr (b. 1145)
The pilgrimages of Lady Nijô (b. 1271)
Al-Burûmî's defence of Hindu India (1030 AD)
The horizons of al-Idrisi in the eleventh century
Two Chinese accounts of the early Mongols (1221 and 1237)
A Chinese account of the lost city of Angkor (1297)
Navigating with ibn Majid (floreat 1460)
Pirî Reis : the voyages of a "Corsair" (c. 1526)
The ambivalence of Leo Africanus (1526)
The memoirs of a Syrian prince-polymath (b. 1273)
The accidental travels of a Korean official (1488)
The travel memoirs of Babur (b. 1482)
The European diaries of Uruch Beg (b. 1560)
The travel diaries of Xu Xiake (1623)
Equiano's voyage to slavery and freedom (1789)
Dean Mahomed writes from the centre (c. 1793)
African Muslim slave narratives of the nineteenth century
The diary of Queen Emma of Hawaii (b. 1836)
The Shah of Iran in European corridors (1873)
An African-Arab princess in Europe (1881)
A merchant of Baghdad reports on a Viking funeral (AD 922)
Al-Abdari, the disgruntled traveller (c. 1290)
Ibn Battuta, world traveller (b. 1304)
An Arab cleric in South America (1668-83)
The poetry of Basho's road (1689)
Mirza I'tesamuddin's wonders of Vilayet (1765)
An Indian aristocrat in Africa and Europe (1803)
Al-Amraoui : Moroccan ambassador to Europe (1860)
Blyden : a pan-Africanist's voyage to Palestine (1873)
Malabari : a love-hate affair with the British (1890)
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