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High-strain zones
Faults (Geology)
High strain zones
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Lccn: 2006445452
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High-strain zones: laboratory perspectives on strain softening during ductile deformation / Burlini, L., Bruhn, D.
Shear strain localization from the upper mantle to the middle crust of the Kohistan Arc (Pakistan) / Burg, J.-P. ... [et al.]
Flow of partially molten crust and origin of detachments during collapse of the Cordilleran Orogen / Teyssier, C. ... [et al.]
Geometric aspects of synkinematic granite intrusion into a ductile shear zone - an example from the Yunmengshan core complex, northern China / Passchier, C.W. ... [et al.]
Laramie Peak shear system, central Laramie Mountains, Wyoming, USA: regeneration of the Archean Wyoming province during Palaeoproterozoic accretion / Resor, P.G., Snoke, A.W.
Seismic and aseismic weakening effects in transtension: field and microstructural observations on the mechanics and architecture of a large fault zone in SE Tibet / Edwards, M.A., Ratschbacher, L.
Magnetic fabric and microstructure of a mylonite: example from the Bitterroot shear zone, western Montana / Sidman, D. ... [et al.]
Electrical conductivity images of active and fossil fault zones / Ritter, O. ... [et al.]
High-temperature and pressure seismic properties of a lower crustal prograde shear zone from the Kohistan Arc, Pakistan / Burlini, L. ... [et al.]
Damage and recovery of calcite rocks deformed in the cataclastic regime / Schubnel, A. ... [et al.]
Effects of bedding and foliation on mechanical anisotropy, damage evolution and failure mode / Baud, P. ... [et al.]
Experimental deformation of flint in axial compression / Mainprice, D., Paterson, M.
High-strain deformation tests on natural gypsum aggregates in torsion / Barberini V. ... [et al.]
The effect of grain size and melt distributions on the rheology of partially molten olivine aggregates / Bruhn, D. ... [et al.]
Influence of phyllosilicates on fault strength in the brittle-ductile transition: insights from rock analogue experiments / Niemeijer, A.R., Spiers, C.J.
Creep constitutive laws for rocks with evolving structure / Evans, B.
Initiation of basement thrust detachments by fault-zone reaction weakening / Wibberley, C.A.J.
Geochemical variations and element transfer during shear-zone development and related episyenites at middle crust depths: insights from the Mont Blanc granite (French-Italian Alps) / Rossi, M. ... [et al.]
Water distribution in dynamically recrystallized quartz grains: cathodoluminescence and micro-infrared spectroscopic mapping / Muto, J. ... [et al.]
Application of geographical information systems to shape-fabric analysis / Fernández, F.J. ... [et al.]
Rigid polygons in shear / Schmid, D.W.
Strain localization conditions in porous rock using a two-yield surface constitutive model / Issen, K.A., Challa, V.
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Bruhn, David F., 1963- High-strain zones
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Burlini, Luigi. High-strain zones
Geological Society of London. High-strain zones