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Works Works. Selections
Viol ensembles.
Songs (High voice) with viol ensemble.
Genre Form
sung or spoken text (fre)
libretto (eng)
libretto (fre)
libretto (ger)
original (fre)
accompanying material (eng)
accompanying material (fre)
accompanying material (ger)
original (eng)
The vocal works sung in French
Identified By
Lccn: 2008575509
Table Of Contents
Comme femme desconfortee I a4 ; Comme femme desconfortee II a3 ; Comme femme desconfortee III a2 / Agricola
Agricola I : Comme femme a2/4 / Fitch
Se je fais bien a3 ; Pater meus agricola est a3 ; Tout a part moy a4 / Agricola
Si bibero a3 / Ninot le Petit
Si dormiero a3 / La Rue ; Isaac
Je nay dueil a4 ; De tous biens plaine V a3 ; De tous biens plaine III a3 ; De tous biens plaine II a3 ; De tous biens plaine I a3 / Agricola
Agricola III/Obrecht canon I : De tous biens plaine a4 / Fitch
De tous biens plaine IV a3 ; Vostre hault bruit a3 ; Dung altre amer II a4 ; Dung altre amer III a3 ; Dung altre amer I a4 ; En actendant a3 ; Fortuna desperata a6 / Agricola.
Recorded June 4-6, 2005, St. George's Bristol, UK.
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Agricola, Alexander, 1446?-1506. Works. Selections
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Chance, Michael. Works. Selections
Isaac, Heinrich, approximately 1450-1517. Works. Selections
Fretwork (Musical group) Works. Selections