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God and evolution God and evolution :
Illustrative Content
LCC: BT712 .G63 2007 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 231.7/652 full (Assigner: dlc)
08.37 (Source: bcl)
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Lccn: 2006103329
Table Of Contents
The Protestant rule of faith / Charles Hodge
Metaphor / Sallie McFague
How myths work / Mary Midgley
The structures of science and religion / Ian G. Barbour
On the origin of species / Charles Darwin
The evolution of life : an overview / Francisco J. Ayala
Is there a limit to our knowledge of evolution? / Michael Ruse
Genesis 1-2
The creationists / Ronald L. Numbers
Natural theology / William Paley
Irreducible complexity : obstacle to Darwinian evolution / Michael J. Behe
Answering the biochemical argument from design / Kenneth R. Miller
The blind watchmaker / Richard Dawkins
God's utility function / Richard Dawkins
Darwin's dangerous idea / Daniel C. Dennett
The quest for a universal acid / Mary Midgley
Methodological naturalism under attack / Michael Ruse
The creation : intelligently designed or optimally equipped? / Howard J. Van Till
Biological evolution, a positive theological appraisal / Arthur Peacocke
God's kenosis in the creation and consummation of the world / J├╝rgen Moltmann
Does God play dice? Divine providence and chance / Elizabeth A. Johnson
Evolution, tragedy, and cosmic purpose / John F. Haught
God and the world / Sallie McFague
Panentheism and pansyntheism : God in relation / Ruth Page
On thinking of God as serendipitous creativity / Gordon D. Kaufman.
Authorized Access Point
Cunningham, Mary Kathleen. God and evolution