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The SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion
LCC: BL60 .S172 2007 (Source: dlc)
11.05 (Source: bcl)
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Lccn: 2007921005
Table Of Contents
Classical tradition in sociology of religion / Randall Collins
Assessing modernities : from 'pre-' to 'ultra-' / Kevin J. Christiano
Secularization and sacralization deconstructed and reconstructed / N. J. Demerath III
Rational choice and religious economies / Frank J. Lechner
Globalization and glocalization / Peter Beyer
Micro qualitative approaches to the sociology of religion : phenomenologies, interviews, narratives, and ethnographies / James V. Spickard
Surveys of behaviour, beliefs and affiliation : micro-quantitative / David Voas
History, methodologies, and the study of religion / John R. Hall
Congregations resurgent / N.J. Demerath III, Arthur E. Farnsley II
Evangelicalism and fundamentalism : the politics of global popular protestantism / Paul Freston
From 'cults' to new religious movements : coherence, definition, and conceptual framing in the study of new religious movements / Thomas Robbins, Phillip Charles Lucas
New age religion and irreligion / William Sims Bainbridge
Civil religion in America and in global context / Marcela Cristi, Lorne L. Dawson
Keepers of the tradition : religious professionals and their careers / Paula Nesbitt
Orders and schisms on the sacred periphery / Patricia Wittberg
Faith-based initiatives / Arthur E. Farnsley II
Religion on the internet / Douglas E. Cowan
Religion and the state, violence and human rights / N.J. Demerath III
Religion and regulation / James A. Beckford, James T. Richardson
Religion in rebellion, resistance, and social movements / Sharon Erickson Nepstad, Rhys H. Williams
Religious affiliations, political preferences and ideological alignments / Laura R. Olson
Cross-national comparisons of individual religiosity / Pierre Bréchon
Rethinking the relationship between ethnicity and religion / Peter Kivisto
Religious socialization among American youth : how faith shapes parents, children, and adolescents / John P. Bartkowski
Age, generation, and cohort in American religion and spirituality / Michele Dillon
Religion and identity / Arthur L. Greil, Lynn Davidman
Gender differences in religious practice and significance / Linda Woodhead
Embodiment, emotion and religious experience : religion, culture and the charismatic body / Philip A. Mellor
Religion as a factor in life and death through the life-course / Stephen J. Hunt
Oligopoly dynamics : official religions in China / Fenggang Yang
Religious landscape of Central and Eastern Europe after communism / Irena Borowik
Judaism in Israe l : public religion, neo-traditionalism, messianism and ethno-religious conflict / Stephen Sharot
State shinto and religion in post-war Japan / Susumu Shimazono
Mexico : a mirror for the sociology of religion / Roberto J. Blancarte.
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Beckford, James A. SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion
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Demerath, N. J. (Nicholas Jay), 1936- SAGE handbook of the sociology of religion