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Seismic geomorphology
Seismic prospecting.
Three-dimensional imaging.
Seismic geomorphology
Hydrocarbon exploration
Hydrocarbon production
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LCC: TN269.8 .S44 2007 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2007276563
Table Of Contents
Overview. Seismic geomorphology - an overview / H. W. Posamentier (et al)
Back to Basics. Seismic imaging for seismic geomorphology beyond the seabead : potential and challenges / H. Zheng ; Geomorphology and age of the oxygen isotope stage 2 (last lowstand) sequence boundary on the northwestern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf / A. R. Simms ; Seismic stratigraphic and geomorphic analysis of deep-marine deposition along the West African continental margin / F. Hadler-Jacobsen (et al) ; The use of two- and three-dimensional seismic to understand sediment transfer from the fluvial to deepwater via sinuous channels: example from the Mahakam shelf and comparison with outcrop data (south central Pyrenees) / P. Crumeyrolle (et al)
Data Interrogation Strategies. Using multi-attribute neural networks classification for seismic carbonate facies mapping: a workflow example from mid-Cretaceous Persian Gulf deposits / U.P. Baaske (et al) ; Parameterization of meander-belt elements in high-resolution three-dimensional seismic data using the Geo Time cube and modern analogues / I.R. Rabelo ; Curvature for visualization of seismic geomorphology / B.S. Hart & J.A. Sagan
Sedimentary Environment Case Studies. Imprints of former ice streams, imaged and interpreted using industry three-dimensional seismic data from the south-western Barents Sea / K. Andreassen (et al) ; Geometry and seismic geomorphology of carbonate shoreface clinoforms, Jurassic Smackover Formation, north Louisiana / C.R. Handford & L. Baria ; Seismic geomorphology of Palaeozoic collapse features in the Fort Worth Basin (USA) / E.C. Sullivan (et al) ; Fluvial seismic geomorphology: a view from the surface / F. G. Ethridge & S.A. Schumm ; Early evolution of submarine channels offshore Angola revealed by three-dimensional seismic data / M.J.R. Gee & R.L. Gawthorpe ; Seismic expression of turbidity-current and bottom-current processes on the Northern Mauritanian continental slope / A.M. Schwab (et al) ; Application of three-dimensional seismic data to documenting the scale, geometry and distribution of soft-sediment features in sedimentary basins: an example from the Lomre Terrace, offshore Norway
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Davies, R. J. Seismic geomorphology
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Geological Society of London. Seismic geomorphology
SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology) Seismic geomorphology