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The human comedy human comedy
Genre Form
sound recording
Identified By
Lccn: 2007659013
Table Of Contents
Opening (instrumental)
In a little town
Ulysses reaches the crossing
Hi ya kid
The black man waved
He didn't think
Hi ya kid
Home for him
Homer, Homer
We're a little family
Bicycle ride
The Assyrians
Fourteen words collect
Can you sing?
Carry a tune
Happy birthday
What do I sing?
Anniversary song
I think the kid will do
Beautiful music
Here, boy!
Coconut cream pie
When I am lost
I let him kiss me once
Daddy will not come
Death is not an easy thing
The birds in the sky
Remember always to give
Long past sunset
In our little town
Don't tell me
You want to go to Corbett's
The fourth telegram
Give me the money
You coming here now
Remember always to give (reprise)
Everything is changed
The world is full of lonliness
Hi ya kid (reprise)
Entre' acte
How I love
Come on Toby
Wherever did you learn to sing?
An orphan I am
I'll tell you
I think about
Mary Arena
It doesn't seem right
I wish I were a man
Marcus, my friend
My father's name
My sister Bess
Bear trap
This is Ulysses
Hello, darling
I've known a lot of guys
Now, darling
I see you've got a letter
Dear brother Homer
As the poet said
The birds
I've known a lot of guys (reprise)
Bicycle ride
Slowly the reality
Death is not an easy thing (reprise)
The world is full of lonliness (reprise)
Mister Grogan, wake up!
Don't feel bad, Homer
I don't know who to hate
Your brother
Long past sunset
Somewhere, someone
Quieten down
I'll always love you
The passing of the train
Hi ya kid!
Uncles and aunts ; Finale.
Date: 1984-04-16 Place: 3804 N4 lcc-g
Recorded April 16, 1984, at the Public Theater, New York City (information from phone call to Kilmarnock Records).
Authorized Access Point
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