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Echinoderm paleobiology Echinoderm paleobiology
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LCC: QE781 .E26 2008 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2007046932
Table Of Contents
Taphonomy as an indicator of behavior among fossil crinoids / Tomasz K. Baumiller ... [et al.]
Attachment, facies distribution, and life history strategies in crinoids from the Upper Ordovician of Kentucky / Carlton E. Brett, Bradley L. Deline and Patrick I. McLaughlin
Paleobiology of Carboniferous microcrinoids / George D. Sevastopulo
The importance of echinoids in late Paleozoic ecosystems / Chris L. Schneider
New observations on taphonomy and paleoecology of Uintacrinus socialis Grinnell (Crinoidea; Upper Cretaceous) / Andrew J. Webber, David L. Meyer and Clare V. Milsom
Taphonomy of the irregular echinoid Clypeaster humilis from the Red Sea : implications for taxonomic resolution along taphonomic grades / James H. Nebelsick
Tiering history of early epifaunal suspension-feeding echinoderms / Stephen Q. Dornbos
Evolution and extinction of a Paleozoic crinoid clade : phylogenetics, paleogeography, and environmental distribution of the periechocrinids / William I. Ausich and Thomas W. Kammer
Paedomorphosis as an adaptive response in pinnulate cladid crinoids from the Burlington Limestone (Mississippian, Osagean) of the Mississippi Valley / Thomas W. Kammer
Cladid crinoid radial facets, brachials, and arm appendages : a terminology solution for studies of lineage, classification, and paleoenvironment / Gary D. Webster and Christopher G. Maples
The origin of Lovén's law in glyptocystitoid rhombiferans and its bearing on the plate homology and heterochronic evolution of the hemicosmitoid peristomial border / Colin D. Sumrall
Mixed-age echinoderms, conodonts, and other fossils used to date a meteorite impact, and implications for missing strata in the type Osagean (Mississippian) in Missouri, USA / James F. Miller ... [et al.]
Crinoid biomarkers (Borden Group, Mississippian) : implications for phylogeny / Christina E. O'Malley, William I. Ausich and Yu-Ping Chin
Overview of early Ordovician crinoid diversity from the western and southwestern United States / James Sprinkle, Thomas E. Guensburg and Forest J. Gahn
Ever since Ramsbottom : Silurian crinoids of the British Isles since 1954 / Stephen K. Donovan ... [et al.]
Overview of Paleozoic stemmed echinoderms from China / Johnny A. Waters ... [et al.]
Fossil Echinodermata from Puerto Rico / Jorge Vélez-Juarbe and Hernán Santos.
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Ausich, William I. (William Irl), 1952- Echinoderm paleobiology
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Webster, G. D. (Gary D.), 1934- Echinoderm paleobiology