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Archaeology, art, and ethnogenesis in Mesoamerican prehistory
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Central America
LCC: F1219 .A764 2007 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2007282801
Table Of Contents
Mesoamerica's formative scholar : Gareth W. Lowe, 1922-2004 / by John E. Clark, Mary E. Pye, and Fred W. Nelson
What was the weather like back then? The Grijalva River drainage of highland Chiapas and adjacent regions / by William J. Folan and Joel D. Gunn
Thermolithics and corn dependency in Mesoamerica / by John E. Clark, Mary E. Pye, and Dennis C. Gosser
Stone boiling technology at a middle archaic period site of southwest coastal Mexico / by Barbara Voorhies and Wulf A. Gose
Early formative Chiapas : the beginnings of civilization in the central depression of Chiapas / by Gareth W. Lowe
The changing role of obsidian exchange in central Chiapas / by John E. Clark and Thomas A. Lee, Jr.
The Mesoamerican preclassic : a view from the south coast of Guatemala / by Marion Popenoe de Hatch
"Mixed deposits," "composite complexes," or "hybrid assemblages"? : a fresh reexamination of middle preclassic (formative) ceramics and ceramic assemblages from the northern Maya lowlands / by Joseph W. Ball and Jennifer T. Taschek
Recent archaeological investigations of preclassic occupations in the southern Isthmus of Tehuantepec / by Marcus Winter
Stirrup-spout bottles and carved stone monuments : the many faces of interregional interactions in formative period Morelos / by David C. Grove
The Pacific Coast trade route of Mesoamerica : iconographic connections between Guatemala and Guerrero / by Mary E. Pye and Gerardo Gutiérrez
Revisiting the relation ship between Izapa, Olmec, and Maya art / by Jacinto Quirarte
Redrawing the Izapa monuments / by John E. Clark and Ayax Moreno
Recent explorations at the postclassic site of Los Cimientos de las Margaritas, Chiapas / by Lynneth S. Lowe and Carlos Álvarez Asomoza
The cultural borders of the Huaxtec region / by Gerardo Gutiérrez and Lorenzo Ochoa
Contemplation at the dawn of the middle formative period along the Grijalva River and its environs / by Gareth W. Lowe.
Authorized Access Point
Lowe, Gareth W. Archaeology, art, and ethnogenesis in Mesoamerican prehistory
Authorized Access Point Variant
Lowe, Lynneth S. Archaeology, art, and ethnogenesis in Mesoamerican prehistory
Pye, Mary E. Archaeology, art, and ethnogenesis in Mesoamerican prehistory