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Addictive behaviors Addictive behaviors :
Substance abuse.
Compulsive behavior.
Substance-Related Disorders--etiology--Collected Works.
Behavior, Addictive--Collected Works.
Substance-Related Disorders--prevention & control--Collected Works.
Substance-Related Disorders--therapy--Collected Works.
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Table Of Contents
Introduction / G. Alan Marlatt and Katie Witkiewitz
Role of psychology and behavioral science in addiction research and treatment
Contributions of behavioral science to alcohol research: understanding who is at risk and why / Enoch Gordis
Why psychologists should treat alcohol and drug problems / William R. Miller and Sandra A. Brown
Epidemiological overview and etiology
Etiologic connections among substance dependence, antisocial behavior, and personality: modeling the externalizing spectrum / Robert F. Krueger, Brian M. Hicks, Christopher J. Patrick, Scott R. Carlson, William G. Iacono, and Matt McGue
Etiological contributions to heavy drinking from late adolescence to young adulthood / Serena M. King, S. Alexandra Burt, Stephen M. Malone, Matt McGue, and William G. Iacono
Trends in ectasy use in the United States from 1995 to 2001: comparison with marijuana users and association with other drug use / Silvia S. Martins, Guido Mazzotti, and Howard D. Chilcoat
Prevention and harm reduction
Toward a psychology of harm reduction / Robert J. MacCoun
Adolescent substance use outcomes in the raising healthy children project: a two-part latent growth curve analysis / Eric C. Brown, Richard F. Catalano, Charles B. Fleming, Kevin P. Haggerty, and Robert D. Abbott
Project DARE: no effects at 10-year follow-up / Donald R. Lynam, Richard Milich, Rick Zimmerman, Scott P. Novak, TK Logan, Catherine Martin, Carl Leukefeld, and Richard Clayton
Initiation and progression in adolescence
A longitudinal analysis of friendships and substance use: bidirectional influence from adolescence to adulthood / Thomas J. Dishion and Lee D. Owen
Conjoint developmental trajectories of young adult alcohol and tobacco use / Kristina M. Jackson, Kenneth J. Sher, and John E. Schulenberg
Family dynamics and family impact
The roles of familial alcoholism and adolescent family harmony in young adults' substance dependence disorders: mediated and moderated relations / Qing Zhou, Kevin M. King, and Laurie Chassin
Family risk factors and adolescent substance use: moderation effects for temperament dimensions / Thomas Ashby Wills, James M. Sandy, Alison Yaeger, and Ori Shinar
Screening and assessment
Test-retest reliability of alcohol measures: is there a difference between internet-based assessment and traditional methods? / Elizabeth T. Miller, Dan J. Neal, Lisa J. Roberts, John S. Baer, Sally O. Cressler, Jane Metrik, and G. Alan Marlatt
The neuropsychological test performance of drug-abusing patients: an examination of latent cognitive abilites and associated risk factors / William Fals-Stewart and Marsha E. Bates
Immediate antecedents of cigarette smoking: an analysis from ecological momentary assessment / Saul Shiffman, Chad J. Gwaltney, Mark H. Balabanis, Kenneth S. Liu, Jean A. Paty, Jon D. Kassel, Mary Hickcox, and Maryann Gnys
Treatment approaches and models
Relapse prevention for alcohol and drug problems: that was zen, this is tao / Katie Witkiewitz and G. Alan Markatt
Brief treatments for cannabis dependence: findings from a randomized multisite trial / The Marijuana Treatment Project Research Group
Smoking cessation: progress, priorities, and prospectus / Raymond Niaura and David B. Abrams
Risk factors and neuropsychological recovery in clients with alcohol use disorders who were exposed to different treatments / Marsha E. Bates, Danielle Barry, Erich W. Labouvie, William Fals-Stewart, Gerald Voelbel, and Jennifer F. Buckman
Alcohol and tobacco cessation in alcohol-dependent smokers: analysis of real-time reports / Ned L. Cooney, Mark D. Litt, Judith L. Cooney, David T. Pilkey, Howard R. Steinberg, and Cheryl A. Oncken
Addictive disorders in context: principles and puzzles of effective treatment and recovery / Rudolf H. Moos
Abstinence-based incentives in methadone maintenance: interaction with intake stimulant test results / Maxine L. Stitzer, Jessia Peirce, Nancy M. Petry, Kimberly Kirby, John Roll, Joseph Krasnansky, Allan Cohen, Jack Blaine, Ryan Vandrey, Ken Kolodner, and Rui Li
Issues in specific populations
Preventing substance abuse in American indian and Alaska native youth: promising strategies for healthier communities / Elizabeth H. Hawkins, Lillian H. Cummins, and G. Alan Marlatt
Examination of ethnicity in controlled treatment outcome studies involving adolescent substance abusers: a comprehensive literature review / Marilyn J. Strada, Brad Donohue, and Noelle L. Lefforge
Measuring adolescent drug abuse and psychosocial factors in four ethnic groups of drug-abusing boys / Ken C. Winters, William W. Latimer, Randy D. Stinchfield, and Elizabeth Egan
Meta-analysis of ALDH2 and ADH1B with alcohol dependence in Asians / Susan E. Luczak, Stephen J. Glatt, and Tamara L. Wall.
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Marlatt, G. Alan. Addictive behaviors
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Witkiewitz, Katie. Addictive behaviors
American Psychological Association. Addictive behaviors