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The paleobiological revolution paleobiological revolution :
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Lccn: 2008028286
Table Of Contents
Introduction : paleontology at the high table / David Sepkoski and Michael Ruse
The emergence of paleobiology / David Sepkoski
The fossil record : biological or geological signal? / Michael J. Benton
Biogeography and evolution in the early Paleozoic / Richard A. Fortey
The discovery of conodont anatomy and its importance for understanding the early history of vertebrates / Richard J. Aldridge and Derek E.G. Briggs
Emergence of Precambrian paleobiology : a new field of science / J. William Schopf
Dinosaurs at the table / John R. Horner
Ladders, bushes, punctuations, and clades : hominid paleobiology in the late twentieth century / Tim D. White
Punctuated equilibria and speciation : what does it mean to be a Darwinian? / Patricia Princehouse
Molecular evolution vis-à-vis paleontology / Francisco J. Ayala
Beyond detective work : empirical testing in paleontology / Derek Turner
Taxic paleobiology and the pursuit of a unified evolutionary theory / Todd A. Grantham
Ideas in dinosaur paleontology : resonating to social and political context / David E. Fastovsky
Reg Sprigg and the discovery of the Ediacara fauna in South Australia : its approach to the high table / Susan Turner and David Oldroyd
The morphological tradition in German paleontology : Otto Jaekel, Walter Zimmermann, and Otto Schindewolf / Manfred D. Laubichler and Karl J. Niklas
"Radical" or "conservative'? : the origin and early reception of punctuated equilibrium / David Sepkoski
The shape of evolution : the MBL model and clade shape / John Huss
Ritual patricide : why Stephen Jay Gould assassinated George Gaylord Simpson / Joe Cain
The consensus that changed the paleobiological world / Arnold I. Miller
The infusion of biology into paleontological research / James W. Valentine
From empirical paleoecology to evolutionary paleobiology : a personal journey / Richard Bambach
Intellectual evolution across an academic landscape / Rebecca Z. German
The problem of punctuational speciation and trends in the fossil record / Anthony Hallam
Punctuated equilibrium versus community evolution / Arthur J. Boucot
An interview with David M. Raup / edited by David Sepkoski and David M. Raup
Paleontology in the twenty-first century / David Jablonski
Punctuations and paradigms : has paleobiology been through a paradigm shift? / Michael Ruse.
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Sepkoski, David, 1972- paleobiological revolution
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Ruse, Michael. paleobiological revolution