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Above top secret Above top secret :
DDC: 001.9 full
LCC: HV6275 .M367 2008 (Source: dlc)
Identified By
Lccn: 2008938945
Discusses popular conspiracy theories, primarily those involving the Internet, and their validity, including if road signs contain hidden codes, if the Moon landings were faked, and who murdered John F. Kennedy.
Table Of Contents
Was 9/11 an inside job?
Is the supply of oil peaking?
Why did the Air Force change its story on Stephenville?
Do road signs contain hidden codes?
Is free/alternative energy being kept from the public?
Is the Federal Reserve a scam?
Are chemtrails for real?
Is there a Nazi base in Antarctica?
Who killed JFK?
Did John Titor come from the future?
Who built the spidery drones?
What passed by the space shuttle Atlantis?
What hovered over O'Hare gate C17?
What flew over Phoenix?
Were the moon landings faked?
Who parked the moon?
What crashed at Roswell?
Is God an alien?
What will happen in 2012?
Authorized Access Point
Marrs, Jim. Above top secret