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Mozi Mozi. English & Chinese
original (chi)
English & Chinese
Parallel text in English and Chinese
LCC: B128.M77 E5 2010 (Source: dlc)
Identified By
Lccn: 2009042408
Includes translation
Table Of Contents
On being sympathetic towards officers (Qin shi)
On cultivating the self (Xiu shen)
On dyeing (suo ran)
On standards and rules (Fa yi)
On the seven misfortunes (Qi huan)
On eschewing faults (Ci guo)
Three arguments (San bian)
Exalting worthiness I (Shang xian, shang)
Exalting worthiness II (Shan xian, zhong)
Exalting worthiness III (Shang xian, xia)
Exalting unity I (Shang tong, shang)
Exalting unity II (Shang tong, zhong)
Exalting unity III (Shang tong, xia)
Universal love I (Jian ai, shang)
Universal love II (Jian ai, zhong)
Universal love III (Jian ai, xia)
Condemning offensive warfare I (Fei gong, shang)
Condemning offensive warfare II (Fei gong, zhong)
Condemning offensive warfare III (Fei gong, xia)
Moderation in use I (Jie yong, shang)
Moderation in use II (Jie yong, zhong)
Moderation in funerals III (Jie zang, xia)
Heaven's intention I (Tian zhi, shang)
Heaven's intention II (Tian zhi, zhong)
Heaven's intention III (Tian zhi, xia)
Percipient ghosts III (Ming gui, xia)
Condemning music I (Fei yue, shang)
Against fate I (Fei ming, shang)
Against fate II (Fei ming, zhong)
Against fate III (Fei ming, xia)
Against the Confucians II (Fei ru, xia)
Canons A (Jing, shang)
Canons B (Jing, xia)
Explanations A (Jing shuo, shang)
Explanations B (Jing shuo, xia)
Choosing the greater (Da qu)
Choosing the lesser (Xiao qu)
Geng zhu
Valuing righteousness
Lu's questions (Lu wen)
Preparing the wall and gates (Bei cheng men)
Preparing against the high approach (Bei gao lin)
Preparing against ladders (Bei ti)
Preparing against water (flooding) (Bei shui)
Preparing against sudden attack (Bei tu)
Preparing against tunnelling (Bei xue)
Preparing against the "ant approach" (Bei e fu)
Sacrifices for meeting the enemy (Yingdi ci)
Flags and pennons (Qi zhi)
Orders and commands (Hao ling)
Miscellaneous defences (Za shou).
Authorized Access Point
Mo, Di, active 400 B.C. Mozi. English & Chinese
Authorized Access Point Variant
Johnston, Ian, 1939- Mozi. English & Chinese