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Nuts and bolts of space colonization
Cozby, Warren R. Contributor
Dill, Mary J. Contributor
Illustrative Content
LCC: TL795.7 .C69 2010 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2009909728
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This book is dedicated to people everywhere who have always wanted to go into space but just did not know where to start. The main reason behind this book is for individuals like you to start thinking how you can build space colonies not just in the main asteroid belt but throughout this star system. The universe is out there just waiting for you to get organized, gather your equipment, and start training yourself so you can go. True, it might take another ten years before the political climate is right to send forth your spacecrafts, but you can start gathering the things you will need right now--p. viii.
Table Of Contents
Getting started
Gathering people
Choosing where to go
Stepping stones
Being independent
Other types of space habitats
Learning from the past
The geocentric model
Transport air-spacecraft
About my ship's engines
Landings sites
Shipping containers
Construction pods
Choosing who should go
Construction barge
Gravity wheels
Standardized construction
Construction towns
Space manufacturing
Trade routes
Trade goods
Obsolete equipment
Space junk
Shielding and bumpers
Main bridge
Habitat support
Power production
Water recycling
Fire prevention
Twelve basic food rules
Food production
Farm animals
Support crops
Village population
Buses, tugs and spaceliners
Dry docks
Tail section
Pathfinder villages
Main asteroid belt colonies
Construction villages
Mining villages
Space smelters
Expanding the villages
Habitat carriers and starships
Habitable zone
Self-replicating spacecrafts
Tables. Other space habitats
Construction pod dimensions
Four basic village sizes
Commodity yield summary
Barnyard food summary
Yearly total yield
Number of humans needed
Paddle-wheel spaceliners
This habitable zone
Authorized Access Point
Cozby, Warren R. Nuts and bolts of space colonization
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Dill, Mary J. Nuts and bolts of space colonization