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Game of life cellular automata Game of life cellular automata
Cellular automata.
automate cellulaire.
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LCC: QA267.5.C45 G36 2010 (Source: dlc)
DDC: 511.3 full
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Lccn: 2010928553
Table Of Contents
Introduction to cellular automata and Conway's game of life / Carter Bays
Conway's game of life: early personal recollections / Robert Wainwright
Conway's life / Harold V. McIntosh
Life's still lifes / Harold V. McIntosh
A zoo of Life forms / Harold V. McIntosh
Growth and decay in life-like cellular automata / David Eppstein
The B36/S125 "2x2" life-like cellular automaton / Nathaniel Johnston
Object synthesis on Conway's game of life and other cellular automata / Mark D. Niemiec
Gliders and glider guns discovery in cellular automata / Emmanuel Sapin
Constraint programming to solve maximal density still life / Geoffrey Chu, Karen Elizabeth Petrie, and Neil Yorke-Smith
Larger than life's extremes: rigorous results for simplified rules and speculation on the phase boundaries / Kellie Michele Evans
RealLife / Marcus Pivato
Variations on the game of life / Ferdinand Peper, Susumu Adachi, and Jia Lee
Does Life resist asynchrony? / Nazim Fatès
LIFE with short-term memory / Ramón Alonso-Sanz
Localization dynamics in a binary two-dimensional cellular automaton: the diffusion rule / Genaro J. Martínez, Anderw Adamatzky, and Harold V. McIntosh
The game of life in non-square environments / Carter Bays
The game of life rules on Penrose Tilings: still life and oscillators / Nick Owens and Susan Stepney
A spherical XOR gate implemented in the game of life / Jeffrey Ventrella
Emergent complexity in Conway's game of life / Nick Gotts
Macroscopic spatial complexity of the game of life cellular automaton: a simple data analysis / A.R. Hernández-Montoya, H.F. Coronel-Brizio
The enlightened game of life / Claudio Conti
Towards a quantum game of life / Adrian P. Flitney and Derek Abbott
Game of life music / Eduardo R. Miranda and Alexis Kirke
Universal computation and construction in GoL cellular automata / Adam P. Goucher
A simple universal Turing machine for the Game of Life Turing machine / Paul Rendell
Computation with competing patterns in life-like automaton / Genaro J. Martínez, Andrew Adamatzky, Kenichi Morita, and Maurice Margenstern.
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Adamatzky, Andrew. Game of life cellular automata