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Envisioning dance on film and video Envisioning dance on film and video
Dance in motion pictures, television, etc.
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Table Of Contents
Dance as television : a continuing challenge / Jac Venza
Music video as short form dance film / Larry Billman
The kinesthetics of avant-garde dance film : Deren and Harris / Amy Greenfield
The master and the movies : Barbara Horgan on George Balachine's work with television and film / Robert Greskovic
Merce Cunningham's choreography for the camera / David Vaughan
Program lists of Dance in America, A time to dance, and Arts USA / Jac Venza
Dance program list of Alive TV, aka Alive from Off Center / Alyce Dissette
From Méliès to streaming video : a century of moving dance images / Virginia Brooks
Ted Shawn's moving images / Norton Owen
Doris Humphrey's Air for the G string / Ernestine Stodelle
Optic nerve : Busby Berkeley and the American cinema / Elizabeth Zimmer
Dancin' in the rain : Gene Kelly's musical films / Beth Genné́
No maps on my taps : an appreciation / Lynn Dally
A dancer behind the lens / Eiko Otake
Wearing three hats : process notes from a polymath / Meredith Monk
Forsythe and film : habits of seeing / Roslyn Sulcas
Dancing and cameras / Bill T. Jones
Frequently pondered questions / Paul Kaiser
AIDS and the videotape fetish : the Estate Project for Artists with AIDS / David Gere
Archiving dance on video : the first generation / Dennis Diamond
Capturing dances from the past / Bonnie Oda Homsey
Two worlds of Balanchine : the George Balanchine Foundation Video Archives / Nancy Reynolds
The Etudes Project : using video to create a canon for contemporary dance educators / Carolyn Adams
The Rainbow etude / Donald McKayle
Alan Lomax and choreometrics / John Bishop
Dance Division of the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center : a day in the life / Madeleine Nichols
Dancing matters / Rhoda Grauer
A new place for dancing / Bob Lockyer
Europeans filming new narrative dance / Kelly Hargraves
Northern exposures : Canadian dance film and video / Philip Szporer
NHK : a model for performing arts in the media / Leonard C. Pronko
Taking tools into my own hands : an Argentine choreographer finds her way to film / Silvina Szperling
The musical formula : song and dance in popular Indian cinema / Lakshmi Srinivas
Fast forward / Deirdre Towers
Watching dance with a remote in your hand / Matthew Diamond
Editing Dancemaker : interview with Pam Wise, editor, A.C.E. / Joshua W. Binder
Accompanying choreography : a director's journey / Merrill Brockway
Portraits in celluloid / Victoria Marks
Making dance films with Victoria Marks / Margaret Williams
Dancing with the camera : the dance cinematographer / Evann E. Siebens
The right place at the right time : the invisible art of editing / Girish Bhargava
Fishing for humans : dance and the story of story / Mitchell Rose
Breaking the box : dancing the camera with Anna Halprin / Andy Abrahams Wilson
The neophyte's tale : a choreographer works on Alive from Off Center / David Rousseve
Seeing it differently : restaging The black dress for Alive from Off Center / Ellen Bromberg
The camera as choreographer in documentary and ethnographic film / John Bishop
Basing a dance film on India's cultural heritage / Robert Gottlieb
About the making of Circles
cycles kathak dance / Eva Soltes
Ancestral memory / Mark Eby
When my hair was brown : the making of a dance documentary / Sally Sommer
Lines from a filmmaker's journal / Robert Gardner
Video preservation / Leslie Hansen Kopp
Whose rights are right? / Madeleine Nichols
Resource and preservation guide / Leslie Hansen Kopp
Filmography / Deirdre Towers.
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Mitoma, Judith. Envisioning dance on film and video
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Zimmer, Elizabeth. Envisioning dance on film and video
Stieber, Dale Ann. Envisioning dance on film and video
Heinonen, Nelli. Envisioning dance on film and video
Shaw, Norah Zuňiga. Envisioning dance on film and video