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Fifty years of invasion ecology
Biological invasions.
Biological invasions--Study and teaching--History.
Elton, Charles S. (Charles Sutherland), 1900-1991.
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LCC: QH353 .F54 2011 (Source: dlc)
QH353 .F54 2011 (Source: dnal)
DDC: 577/.18 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2010030974
Table Of Contents
A world of thought : 'The ecology of invasions by animals and plants' and Charles Elton's life's work / Roger L. Kitching
Charles Elton : neither founder nor siren, but prophet / Daniel Simberloff
The inviolate sea? Charles Elton and biological invasions in the world's oceans / James T. Carlton
The rise and fall of biotic nativeness : a historical perspective / Matthew K. Chew, Andrew L. Hamilton
Patterns and rate of growth of studies in invasion ecology / Hugh J. Macisaac, Rahel A. Tedla, Anthony Ricciardi
Invasion ecology and restoration ecology : parallel evolution in two fields of endeavour / Richard J. Hobbs, David M. Richardson
Biological invasion in Europe 50 years after Elton : time to sound the ALARM / Petr Pyšek, Philip E. Hulme
Fifty years of tree pest and pathogen invasions, increasingly threatening world forests / Michael J. Wingfield, Bernard Slippers, Jolanda Roux, Brenda D. Wingfield
A movement ecology approach to study seed dispersal and plant invasion : an overview and application of seed dispersal by fruit bats / Asaf Tsoar, David Shohami, Ran Nathan
Biodiversity as a bulwark against invasion : conceptual threads since Elton / Jason D. Fridley
Soil biota and plant invasions : biogeographical effects on plant-microbe interactions / Ragan M. Callaway, Marnie E. Rout
Mutualisms : key drivers of invasions...key casualties of invasions / Anna Traveset, David M. Richardson
Fifty years on : confronting Elton's hypotheses about invasion success with data from exotic birds / Tim M. Blackburn, Julie L. Lockwood, Phillip Cassey
Is rapid adaptive evolution important in successful invasions? / Eleanor E. Dormontt, Andrew J. Lowe, Peter J. Prentis
Why reproductive systems matter for the invasion biology of plants / Spencer C.H. Barrett
Impacts of biological invasions on freshwater ecosystems / Anthony Ricciardi, Hugh J. Macisaac
Expanding the propagule pressure concept to understand the impact of biological invasions / Anthony Ricciardi, Lisa A. Jones, Asa M. Kestrup, Jessica M. Ward
Elton's insights into the ecology of ant invasions : lessons learned and lessons still to be learned / Nathan J. Sanders, Andrew V. Suarez
Fifty years of 'waging war on cheatgrass' : research advances, while meaningful control languishes / Richard N. Mack
Researching invasive species 50 years after Elton : a cautionary tale / Mark A. Davis
Invasions and ecosystems : vulnerabilties and the contribution of new technologies / Peter M. Vitousek, Carla M. D'Antonio, Gregory P. Asner
DNA barcoding of invasive species / Hugh B. Cross, Andrew J. Lowe, C. Frederico D. Gurgel
Biosecurity : the changing face of invasion biology / Philip E. Hulme
Elton and the economics of biological invasions / Charles Perrings
Modelling spread in invasion ecology : a synthesis / Cang Hui, Rainer M. Krug, David M. Richardson
Responses of invasive species to a changing climate and atmosphere / Jeffrey S. Dukes
Conceptual clarity, scientific rigour and 'The stories we are' : engaging with two challenges to the objectivity of invasion biology / Johan Hattingh
Changing perspectives on managing biological invasions : insights from South Africa and the Working for Water programme / Brian W. Van Wilgen, Ahmed Khan, Christo Marais
Invasion science : the roads travelled and the roads ahead / David M. Richardson
A compendium of essential concepts and terminology in invasion ecology / David M. Richardson, Petr Pyšek, James T. Carlton.
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Richardson, D. M. (David M.), 1958- Fifty years of invasion ecology