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The vampire in slavic cultures
Vampires--Slavic countries.
Werewolves--Slavic countries.
Vampires in literature.
Vampire films--History and criticism.
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LCC: GR830.V3 G375 2010 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2011380074
Table Of Contents
Definition of vampire from Funk and Wagnalls standard dictionary of folklore, mythology, and legend / edited by Maria Leach
Definition of vampire from Brewer's dictionary of phrase and fable / edited by Ivor H. Evans
Definition of vampire from The encyclopedia of ghosts and spirits / Rosemary Guiley
Definitions of upyr' and vampire / Thomas J. Garza
What is a vampire? / Dudley Wright
Vampires / Brad Steiger
Heretics as vampires and demons in Russia / Felix Oinas
Vampirism : old world folklore / Raymond MacNally and Radu Florescu
Need fire / James G. Frazer
'Spoiling' and 'healing' / Linda Ivanits
Epic of Gilgamesh : prologue / translated by Samuel N. Kramer
Lilith / Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Tlahuelpuchi / Rosemary Ellen Guiley
Sirin / translated by Thomas J. Garza
Lycanthropy among the ancients / Sabine Baring-Gould
Werewolf : an introduction / Leonard R.N. Ashley
Lycanthropy and the undead corpse / David Keyworth
Journey into Dracula country / Manuella Dunn Manscetti
Historical Dracula : tyrant from Transylvania / Raymond T. MacNally and Radu Florescu
Crusader against the Turks / Raymond T. MacNally and Radu Florescu
Imprisonment and final reign of Dracula / Kurt W. Treplow
Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614) from The vampire book / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Elizabeth Bathory from The vampire encyclopedia / Matthew Bunson
Passion of Elizabeth Bathory : bloody Christmas 1610 / Raymond T. McNally
Vampires and the Slavs / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Of magic, witches, and vampires in the Balkans / M. Edith Durham
Vampires in Bulgaria / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Vampires and the southern Slavs / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Vampires and the gypsies / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Vampires in Russia / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Tale of a Russian vampire / Helena P. Blavatsky
Russia, Roumania, and Bulgaria / Montague Summers
Vampires in Romania / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Vampires in Hungary / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Vampires in teh Czech Republic and Slovakiea / edited by J. Gordon Melton
Golem (1920) / John DeBartolo
Peter Plogojowitz / Paul Barber
Shoemaker of Silesia / Paul Barber
Visum et repertum / Paul Barber
Russian stories / Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu
Vampyre : a tale / edited by D.L. Macdonald and Kathleen Scherf
Essential Dracula / Bram Stoker
From Dracula to Nosferatu / S.S. Prawer
Dracula and the Eastern question / Matthew Gibson
Vampire / Jan Neruda
Island of Bornholm / Nikolai Karamzin
Bridegroom from The bronze horseman / Aleksandr Pushkin
Bridegroom from Alexander Pushkin : collective narrative and lyrical poetry / Aleksandr Pushkin
Evil spirits / Aleksandr Pushkin
Drowned man / Aleksandr Pushkin
Family of a vourdalak / Alexis Tolstoy
Viy / Nikolai Gogol
Phantoms / Ivan Turgenieff
When the dead rise from the grave / Mikhail Bulgakov
News from Yalta / Mikhail Bulgakov
Werewolf problem in Central Russia / Victor Pelevin
Night watch / Sergei Lukyanenko
Protection from blood drinkers / Konstantinos
Rational slayer / Bruce A. McClelland
My funeral / Vladimir Vysotsky
Lone moon / Lika
Crow / Linda
Girls with sharp teeth / Linda
Blood, my blood / Destsl
Wolves / The Leg Cramps
Wolves / B-2
Night watch / Uma2rman
Wolf hunt / Night Snipers
Snowstorm / Grigoriy Leps
Just for the vampire in love / Picnic
Transylvania / Agata Kristi
Gentle vampire / Nautilus Pompilius
Vampire / Aria
Road song / S Brigade.
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Garza, Thomas J. vampire in slavic cultures