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Rethinking the Indus
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LCC: DS425 .C584 2011 (Source: dlc)
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Lccn: 2011379576
Table Of Contents
Introduction. The IC: an early complex society with unique structural organisation?
Origins of current interpretation of the IC
The aims and approahc of this study
The comparative method. Introduction
Social evolution and the comparative method: Comparative approaches and the IC ; Methodology adopted by this study ; Choice of comparative datasets ; Summary
Domestic architecture: Introduction ; Review of sites ; Building size ; Building and family structure ; Access analyses ; Discussion
Metalwork and metalworking: Introduction ; Recent literature ; Ore sources ; Functional group definition ; Discussion of artefact categories ; Elemental composition ; Discussion
Settlement patterns. Introduction ; Data collection and formatting issues ; Organisation and subdivision of the Indus settlements ; Third millennium climatic influence on settlement patterns in the Greater Indus Valley ; Settlement hierarchies: site size distribution ; Settlement hierarchies: rank-size ; Discussion
Conclusion: Summary ; The success of a comparative approach ; The 'alternative paradigm' model of Indus society in the light of structured comparative analyses ; Moving forwards- interpreting the Indus
Appendix A. Architectural data used in chapter 3
Appendix B. Kolmogorov-Smirnov tests on house size distribution
Appendix C. Permeability maps for the houses used in access analysis, including house RRA and courtyard RRA values
Appendix D. Assessing the reliability of published Indus metalwork data
Appendix E. Catalogue of metalworks in the Lothal Site Museum and Archive
Appendix F. Elemental composition data used in chapter 4
Appendix G. Problems recreating Adams' influential 'four-tiered' settlement hierarchy
Appendix H. Problems with using sites on the Indus floodplain in settlement analyses
Appendix I. Metalwork data
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Cork, Edward. Rethinking the Indus