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Anoxic zones.
Eukaryotic cells--Evolution.
Adaptation (Physiology)
Extreme environments--Microbiology.
Adaptation, Physiological.
Biological Evolution.
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LCC: QH518.5 .A56 2011 (Source: dlc)
2012 A-574 (Source: dnlm)
QH 518.5 (Source: dnlm)
DDC: 571.6 full (Assigner: dlc)
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Lccn: 2011935457
Table Of Contents
Anaerobic eukaryotes / T. Fenchel
Biogeochemical reactions in marine sediments underlying anoxic water bodies/ T. Treude
Diversity of anaerobic prokaryotes and eukaryotes : breaking long-established dogmas / A. Oren
The biochemical adaptations of mitochondrion-related organelles of parasitic and free-living microbial eukaryotes to low oxygen environments / A.D. Tsaousis et al.
Hydrogenosomes and mitosomes : mitochondrial adaptations to life in anaerobic environments, R.M. De Graaf and J.H.P. Hackstein
Adapting to hypoxia : lessons from vascular endothelial growth factor / N.S. Levy and A.P. Levy
Magnetotactic protists at the oxic-anoxic transition zones of coastal aquatic environments / D.A. Bazylinski et al.
A novel ciliate (Ciliophora: Hypotrichida) isolated from bathyal anoxic sediments / D.J. Baudoin et al.
The wood-eating termite hindgut : diverse cellular symbioses in a microoxic to anoxic environment / M.F. Dolan
Ecological and experimental exposure of insects to anoxia reveals surprising tolerance / W.W. Hoback
The unusual response of encysted embryos of the animal extremophile, Artemia franciscana, to prolonged anoxia / J.S. Clegg
Survival of tardigrades in extreme environments : a model animal for astrobiology / D.D. Horikawa
Long-term anoxia tolerance in flowering plants / R.M.M. Crawford
Benthic Foraminifera : inhabitants of low-oxygen environments / K.A. Koho and E. Piña-Ochoa
Ecological and biological response of benthic Foraminifera under oxygen-depleted conditions : evidence from laboratory approaches / P. Heinz and E. Geslin
The response of benthic Foraminifera to low-oxygen conditions of the Peruvian oxygen minimum zone / J. Mallon et al.
Benthic foraminiferal communities and microhabitat selection on the continental shelf off central Peru / J. Cardich et al.
Living assemblages from the "dead zone" and naturally occurring hypoxic zones / K.R. Buck et al.
The return of shallow shelf seas as extreme environments : anoxia and macrofauna reactions in the northern Adriatic Sea / M. Stachowitsch et al.
Meiobenthos of the oxic/anoxic interface in the south-western region of the Black Sea : abundance and taxonomic composition / N.G. Sergeeva et al.
The role of eukaryotes in the anaerobic food web of stratified lakes / A. Saccà
The anoxic Framvaren Fjord as a model system to study protistan diversity and evolution / T. Stoeck and A. Behnke
Characterizing an anoxic habitat : sulfur bacteria in a meromictic alpine lake / G.B. Fritz et al.
Ophel, the newly discovered hypoxic chemolitho-autotrophic groundwater biome : a window to ancient animal life / F.D. Por
Microbial eukaryotes in the marine subsurface? / V.P. Edgcomb and J.F. Biddle
On the use of stable nitrogen isotopes in present and past anoxic environments / U. Struck
Carbon and nitrogen isotopic fractionation in Foraminifera : possible signatures from anoxia / A.V. Altenbach et al.
The functionality of pores in benthic Foraminifera in view of bottom water oxygenation : a review / N. Glock et al.
Anoxia-dysoxia at the sediment-water interface of the southern Tethys in the late Cretaceous : Mishash Formation, southern Israel / A. Almogi-Labin et al.
Styles of agglutination in benthic Foraminifera from modern Santa Barbara Basin sediments and the implications of finding fossil analogs in Devonian and Mississippian black shales / J. Schieber
Did redox conditions trigger test templates in Proterozoic Foraminifera? / A.V. Altenbach and M. Gaulke
The relevance of anoxic and agglutinated benthic Foraminifera to the possible Archean evolution of eukaryotes / W. Altermann et al.
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Altenbach, Alexander V. Anoxia
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Bernhard, Joan M. Anoxia
Seckbach, J. (Joseph) Anoxia