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Bio-geo-interactions in metal-contaminated soils Bio-geo-interactions in metal-contaminated soils
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LCC: TD879.M47 B56 2012 (Source: dlc)
TD879.M47 B56 2012 (Source: dnal)
DDC: 628.55 full
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Lccn: 2011943312
Table Of Contents
1. Contaminated soil : physical, chemical and biological components / Aparajita Das, Irena Sherameti, and Ajit Varma
2. Biogeosciences in heavy metal-contaminated soils / Götz Haferburg and Erika Kothe
3. The role of mineralogy and geochemistry in hazard potential assessment of mining areas / D. Jianu, V. Iordache, B. Soare, L. Petrescu, A. Neagoe, C. Iacob, and R. Orza
4. Rare earth elements in acidic systems - biotic and abiotic impacts / Anja Grawunder and Dirk Merten
5. Geomicrobial manganese redox reactions in metal-contaminated soil substrates / Christian Lorenz, Dirk Merten, Götz Haferburg, Erika Kothe, and Georg Büchel
6. Natural biomineralization in the contaminated sediment-water system at the Ingurtosu abandoned mine / D. Medas, R. Cidu, P. Lattanzi, F. Podda, and G. De Giudici
7. Speciation of uranium in seepage and pore waters of heavy mental-contaminated soil / Nils Baumann, Thuro Arnold, and Martin Lonschinski
8. Plant-microbe interaction in heavy-metal-contaminated soils / Neeru Narula, Martin Reinicke, Götz Haferburg, Erika Kothe, and Rishi Kumar Behl
9. Heavy metal-resistant streptomycetes in soil / Eileen Schütze and Erika Kothe
10. Role of mycorrhiza in re-forestation at heavy metal-contaminated sites / Felicia Gherghel and Katrin Krause
11. Historic copper spoil heaps in Salzburg/Austra: geology, mining history, aspects os soil chemistry and vegetation / Wolfram Adlassnig, Stefan Wernitznig, and Irene K. Lichtscheidl
12. Natural vegetation, metal accumulation and tolerance in plants growing on heavy metal rich soils / Viera Banásová, Miriam Nadubinská, Eva Ďurišová, Miriam Nadubinská, Erika Gurinová, and Milada Čiamporová
13. Hyperaccummulation: a key to heavy metal bioremediation / Ileana Cornelia Farcasanu, Mihaela Matache, Virgil Iordache, and Aurora Neagoe
14. Nickel hyperaccumulating plants and alyssum bertolonii: model systems for studying biogeochemical interactions in serpentine soils / Alessio Mengoni, Lorenzo Cecchi, and Cristina Gonnelli
15. The role of organic matter in the mobility of metals in contaminated catchments / Aurora Neagoe, Viril Iordache, and Ileana Cornelia Fǎrcǎşanu
16. Mycorrhizal-based phytostabilization of Zn-Pb tailings: lessons from the Trzebioka Mining Works (Southern Poland) / Katarzyna Turnau, Stefan Gawroński, Przemysław Ryszka, and Douglas Zook
17. Bioremediation of coper, chromium and cadmium by actiomycetes from contaminated soils / María Julia Amoroso and Carlos Mauricio Abate
18. Bioremediation and heavy mental uptake: microbial approaches at field scale / Frank Schindler, Matthias Gube, and Ericka Kothe
19. Contributions to the theoretical foundations of integrated modeling in biogeochemistry and their application in contaminated areas / V. Iordache, R. LăcătuşD. Scrădeanu, M. Onete, S. Ion, I. Cobzaru, A. Neagoe, F. Bodescu, D. Jianu, and D. Purice.
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Kothe, Erika. Bio-geo-interactions in metal-contaminated soils
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Varma, A. (Ajit), 1939- Bio-geo-interactions in metal-contaminated soils