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Love chronicles Love chronicles. The marrying kind
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Lccn: 2011610915
There was a time when "'til death do part" was taken seriously and divorce was scandalous. Today, one of the most familiar statistics to most Americans is the fact that half of all marriages end in divorce. Inevitably, this has led to an explosion of second and third marriages, and such unions hardly raise an eyebrow. But how far does this tolerance reach? Explores the new culture of matrimony in America, from typical cases of mid-life crisis leading to younger brides to the exceptional circumstances surrounding one romantic who has been hitched 23 times! We'll explore the matrimonial round robin of multiple unions with several serial brides and grooms as our guides. We'll hear their personal tales of love gone sour, and learn what lures them to yet another try at scoring a nuptial "home run." We'll also meet couples who divorce and remarry each other over and over. And psychologists tell us why this phenomenon is out of control and explain why romantic love can kill a marriage!
broadcastDate: 2000-XX-XX
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Corbett, John, 1961- Love chronicles. The marrying kind
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Arnold Shapiro Productions. Love chronicles. The marrying kind
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